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  1. Yeah Bro. Also hope it’s at the beginning of the month
  2. I’m praying for that phone call. im 63* Guy with a list number 2 before me is in the sept class. I’d love to start next week I sware. But oct wouldn’t be the worst thing in the word. Good luck and congratulations to all reporting Monday.
  3. This is awesome I didn’t get the email today, so I must of just missed the cut off point. But October will be just as good for me. Thank god
  4. Outstanding. Thank you
  5. If you don’t mine me asking, my list number is 63*. I did my second lab sept 10th too. Are you in the 6 ten’s , twenty or thirty’s??????
  6. Great point. Outstanding. I’m actually praying for that. I’m very unhappy and have to shut my mouth and deal at my current employer. Being a T/o will be a major upgrade for my family
  7. I was by the door. Min the one that said I took a picture of my application, so I didn’t need to see my old one .
  8. My list is 63*. I asked and they gave me a general statement. I have a list number with 149 in front of me for the next class. She said if I pass my drug test (I don’t get high) I’ll be 100% by October. I’m hopeing (sept 24) a lot of people in front of me don’t want the job as bad as I do bro. A list number is nothing if the folks in front of you are pot heads , f**ked up drivers or no employment history. Hope for the best bro
  9. Hopefully brother we all make this sept 24th class. I figure me and you were in that little room together. 11:30 still beats our last time at 180. If u guys don’t mind, what’s your approximate list numbers so I know if I’ll make sept 24 or hopefully an October class. I’m 63*. Good luck for a better life to all. God bless.
  10. Today’s second lab was quick. Was done at 9:30. Hope to make this sept 24th class. If you remember your original application to a tee and are early, you’ll be out in no time.
  11. I’m here to and my label is the same as well. Sure it’s no biggie. Re doing all this paper sucked, but whatever. Just glad the list is moving.
  12. Just got my second lab email too for Monday the 10th. List 67*. Amen.
  13. 67*. Not as of yet, I’m wondering why. 5/31 was my first lab/PE


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