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  1. Congratulations brother. Passed both last week and my signal test Wednesday. Got prep for service tomorrow and group switching next week. Ready to start making these moves and get out of the class setting for a change. Keep up the good work.
  2. I’ve been hearing the same. Amen
  3. Congratulations, it was easier than you thought right. I was up all Friday night stressing myself out, got up Saturday and knocked it out 1,2,3 This stuff is finally sinking in after a month of feeling over loaded
  4. No, completely different processes. I was at Metro North before the subway, I lost all my time and seniority. Its kind of like the MTA is General Motors (GM) Even tho you work for Chevy, Buick is run independent from Chevy
  5. It’s exclusively for NYCTA Subway. LIRR and MNR is a resume based application process. Non civil service test like this exam.
  6. I had Lois yesterday and everything was smooth. We all know our stuff at this point, knock it out. Best of luck 💯
  7. Good point. Min this scenario, I’m doing 15mph. The most restricted fixed miscellaneous sign is key.
  8. The R62 breaks have a minor delay as well. Somthing we just have to get use to. Lmao
  9. Yeah, that will a long day. Ta71 starts at New Lots, then dead heads all the way to Coney Island😒 I hope this uniform company actually shows up this time. Things are going well, knocking inspections out, doing cuts and adds. It all coming together once your given a chance to actually do it instead of read about it. I’m not a classroom guy, I lean better hands on. My first road day is tomorrow and I can’t wait to push the R62 up the 3 line see you Thursday
  10. Yes. A day when security and uniform sizing was scheduled we did.
  11. That sucks. I’m in Ta71 and we make sure we all pass. It’s like family. We did break test and cuts last week and I love getting that train rolling and controlling it. First road day is Wednesday and can’t f**king wait to run down the line. Greatest job on the planet. Good look to all going through the process, it’s WELL WORTH IT.
  12. 😭😭😭😭😭 that was hilarious
  13. He gave up because he felt he couldn’t pass what thousands of people sucked it up and gave it they all. If FDNY calls then go, but I don’t want to hear none of that this is too much bullshit as there are thousands that would of gave a left nutt to have been in his place. He’s a clown and anybody making excuses for taking up a spot as a TO needs to step off this list. Period. Be ready or beat your feet.

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