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  1. I’ve heard from numerous ppl that there is a hiring freeze. But that information doesn’t mean it’s gonna be yrs or months. It’s just a term used to say there is no scheduled classes as of right now. So no this isn’t false information it’s just nothing scheduled at this present moment.
  2. That does not mean that at all. People get put on medical hold or may turn down the job or etc. Transit just goes to the next person in line and waits for no one. Please do not feed people false information.
  3. Don’t count on school car being M-F. They changed it up for some reason. Everyone was surprised the days changed. But you will see for yourself when you get your schedule sometime next week
  4. It doesn’t mean you are screwed...IF you are instructed to do a sleep study, you will be given a paper with instructions on what to do if you have sleep apnea or not.
  5. The bmi limit isn’t 25 it’s 35. 25 just isn’t realistic. You can google BMI calculator and check your own BMI.
  6. Question..does anybody know how long you have to get a medical hold cleared?
  7. To reiterate something that was said on here before...if your neck size is over 17 inches and your BMI is over 35, you will be placed on a medical hold. You need a sleep study in order to be cleared. Which involves you sleeping in a facility overnight. Until you do the study you won’t be able to move forward
  8. My list number is in the early 600s and I just received a email for medical for this Friday
  9. When I called Ms. Vargas about the 2nd pre-employment letter she asked me my list number then after I told her she told me that I was sent the letter because my drug test was set to expire soon. So maybe u really was supposed to disregard it or maybe u should try calling again. Personally I would try calling again just to be sure.
  10. They sent me another one..along with another packet for my work history and etc. I filled it out but when I got there the lady told me I didn’t have to. I just needed the letter, my social and ID.
  11. Hey..Ive been following this forum for a min and everyone here is great. My list number is in the early 600s. I’ve taken 2 drug tests (one on April 6th and another on June 7) I’m just waiting for a medical email. I took the 2nd drug test because my first one was set to expire. Just wanted to let everyone know don’t be discouraged if Transit doesnt contact you within the time frame they’ve given you. If your drug test is set to expire (90 days) you will just receive another preemployment letter with another date to report back to 180 Livingston to take another drug test. It’s that simple
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