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  1. More than likely they kicked you back because of lateness. Usually they send u back to school car to retrain, at least thats what ive heard.
  2. Dont be so stuck on concourse yard, when it was my time it was supposed to be in coney island yard & then they called us and told us to report to concourse yard... but if its concourse deffff 68's or 68a
  3. I got sworn in on a thursday i ordered on a monday and got them on tuesday
  4. When i got sworn in they said wait two days then login and order, u should befine its usually next day or one day shipping
  5. When i used to do PE i used to get there at 6 am and stand outside on line and be done by 10am. & for those starting school car or transit in general please do not take everything that is said for truth. EVERYTHING is subject to change down here. Some days in school car we did 7-1500pm some days 1500-2300 mon-fri but ive seen some classes work weekends too
  6. Late clear is when you finish after your scheduled time, i.e. if you have an 8 hr job and u stay 8 hrs and one minute then thats a late clear.
  7. Lmao the most rats you see are at the station thats where the food is! Its the homeless you need to worry about! If u go to the b division ull probably walk from euclid ave to grant ave on the c/a line im not sure about the A division tho
  8. Probably once just to qualify you. Its not as bad as it seems. I did it and i was sooooo scared but i got through it and realized its not that bad !
  9. You will be wearing your clothes until your measured, my advice about that is to go home and measure urself and tell the lady ur measurments cus 95% of us had to send our clothes back, and ur pants cant be cargo pants, ESPECIALLY in school car and on the road u have dispatchers that wont let you sign on if ur not in proper uniform. The pants cant have pockets at the knees so if ur going to get dickies make sure they dont have the pockets
  10. Yes, blue button down and navy blue pants and ur TA issued boots. Even tho on the paper it says a collared shirt i suggest you get a button down cus theyll tell you that you need a button down tucked in
  11. There really isnt a ratio, tbh its up to you if u fail.... u have to study! ask questions, ask questions, ask questions..... oh.... & ask questions!! I cannot emphasize this enough. School car is fun if you have a great tss but even still they give those big books and readdddd ittt ! Take notes, even tho u think ull use them on the road but u wont. Just let go and prepare for the new journey your about to embark. Btw the final is easy so is the midterm but again... study!
  12. If ur on medical hold u should be trying to clear that asap, (not saying u arent) but just so u guys know... just because your on medical hold doesnt mean they hold ur spot... the keep on going on. The faster u get all ur stuff in and sworn in the better. List numbers dont matter anymore once u start... seniority numbers do. They calculate that by whoever brings all their stuff and is sworn in first
  13. B division is all letter trains, A is number trains. B division has more equipment as far as trains go. But like someone said if u do get to choose ... choose what is better for you. For my class we didnt get to choose there was only 23 of us & we were all sent to the B and one other person who chose the A because she had started earlier but didnt complete training. Tbh i love being in the B division because i live in queens & there arent really any number trains other than the 7 & that trains a mess lol... but do your research and go into schoolcar with an open mind. A lot of the things down here u dont have control over and u gotta "pay your dues". Best of luck to all
  14. Shuttle trains dont have conductors , its opto so its just a train operator who opens and operates
  15. You'll be fine my bmi was over 25 but my neck was 13 or 14 so i was fine.
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