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  1. I’ll call tomorrow. Thanks 🙏🏽
  2. It’s in my sent folder, but I didn’t call to make sure. 137x
  3. Ok. I only was able to submit my pre-employment forms and docs. Still waiting for them to contact me to go down there. List #137x
  4. I haven’t seen any emails so they are definitely going a lot slower then last time. Anyone know the address from which to expect the drug test email?e I received emails from NYCtransit, Michelle Vargas and someone named Glenis Delano’s last time.
  5. Good morning, Anyone get called in for drug testing?
  6. Yes! Just got a call and saw my canvassing email. Just filled it out and ready to submit. List# 137x here.
  7. Last time I was supposed to report for medical and then they emailed me no to come in because they had filled all the vacancies. I was so close, but I’m not holding my breath. 137x, and I have not received any emails for employment. Let’s see
  8. Anyone notice the salary change on the certification list? From $34.16 to $37.05
  9. By any chance does anyone have an idea of what’s the last appointed list number. I tried calling Dcas but phon whist keeps ringing.
  10. Wow. Congratulations!! Hopefully they call us who were told not to show up soon.
  11. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long guys.
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