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  1. What does outstanding certification mean?
  2. Anyone know up to what number they called. I’m 137x and my 2nd PE was in June. Still patiently waiting for my next notice.
  3. Same here, my second PE was in June
  4. Idk why I typed 1211, I meant 1212.
  5. List number 13xx. I just called M. Vargas, they only appointed up to list number 1211.
  6. Any updates?? Wondering if I should call mrs. Vargas to ask about September class.
  7. Also looking foro updates if any on September class. Has anyone else been called for medical?
  8. Went for second PE jun 12th. Hopefully do t need to do another one. List #137x
  9. Will u still be able to stay in your current tier?
  10. Thank God, there is still hope for me list# 137x
  11. Did they give any other details? if you qualify why would they not appoint you?
  12. 🥺I’ve been mentally prepared to leave my job by September. So anxious to leave, list number 137x here. Looks like I might have to wait longer. Was looking forward to leaving my job already.
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