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  1. Even though it's been here for over a month now, it needs a wash more than some of the current sets on the C, which is weird. In other news, some folks that love tagging trains in ENY made their way over to the C...
  2. 3287-3296 is running in revenue service. Couldn't take a photo, however it is currently running to Lefferts Blvd.
  3. From my travels today: 3238-3247 is coupled with 3238 and 3247 in the middle of the train, probably going through the same testing 3010-3019 did, but running in service Also, I caught 3253-3257 testing on the flats. Its possible 3248-3252 has moved on to simulated stop testing, no clue as I didn't see it
  4. This is why I try to refrain from making idea about where equipment will go, and if I do, at least give multiple options of where equipment will go, as what might make the most sense in terms of benefits/future plans may not be what the MTA will do AT ALL. Also, when you make an idea known to everyone, with or without reliable sources, once you have a little support, the few obsessive fans that read the forums will jump off 1 WTC with it and shout it from the rooftops. Making plans for where car equipment will go isn't a bad thing, as it promotes discussion. However, a healthy bit of skepticism needs to be kept until such ideas are acted upon, and that what some fans fail to do. ---- With the R179s coming in for the , would it be possible that the same or lower number of R46s would move to Jamaica or is it too soon to tell?
  5. It seems like the R32 set that was running on the from Rockaway Park to Far Rockaway showed up to the test track after the weekend. Idk why, but here is a video of it:
  6. Its not that I know better lol. I have learned a lot through studying system, reading committee meeting pdfs, (I skim them unless something catches my eye that I like. They are wild long lmao) and from touring the system as a hobby. You live, you learn, you grow. There is always more to learn, and we all have to be open minded to it. Not everything will be correct, but we have to learn to differentiate what makes sense and what doesn't, and why such things the MTA does/doesn't do are the way they are, and remember to add a mix of common sense. That's all lol. A thorough clean can change that. Like anything that needs maintenance to run optimally, over time it needs a bit of TLC. Hopefully the Deep Cleaning Program can encompass the entire fleet, and in the future, it gets rolled into the SMS program for subway cars. Plus, once the R211s come in, the R160s will be outdated lol. Are you going to dislike them then too? When the 68s were built, they were built for the needs of that time in the 1980s. They still serve them well today, just not as well as other cars (dwell times are higher with them compared to 60' cars). Still, they serve there purpose, and will continue to do so for the next 10-15 years. With the amount of signals you can see on the L from Broadway Junction to Livonia Av, I doubt its one big block. It also means there would need to be a 10 min gap in service, which I know is untrue, as I remember one day I got off at Canarsie Rockaway Pkwy and a 32 was pulling into Canarsie yard like it was running right behind. It only happened once, so I'm not sure, so someone who has inside knowledge would need to clarify further.
  7. Did you read what I quoted? Seems like you missed what I quoted here is the piece I was referring to: This isn't the first time subwayfan1998 has said this, so please read the quotes to understand why I said what I said my post. Obviously. It's a SMEE, not an NTT train that can be equipped with CBTC equipment. Does the run on 8th Avenue between 59th St and Jay St? No they do not. Do the 68/As need to leave the then? No they do not, as they won't be affected by 8th Avenue CBTC. In case an issue happens on 6th Avenue, and s have no choice but to run via 8th Avenue, can they still run via 8th Avenue? Hell yes. A MAJOR misconception of CBTC is MTA is installing it in a way that prevents trains that are not CBTC-compatible from running. R179s have already visited Canarsie Yard for a wash, hell even 32/42s were a common sight to see heading to/from Canarsie Yard during off-peak for a wash, and they are not CBTC-equipped for the . The garbage train on the ? A set of 62As, and the entire line has CBTC active. So yes, 68/As should be able to run on 8th Avenue after CBTC has been installed and activated, especially during emergencies. Trains not equipped with CBTC still have to use the track anyways, whether they are revenue service trains or maintenance trains. Lastly, what is CTBC? For someone who quotes Communications-Based Train Control over and over again, and uses it as their evidence to support their point constantly, you would think you can spell the acronym correctly by now.
  8. It isnt an R179 discussion, so moved here. The big idea floating around is the will lose their R160s to Jamaica Yard and receive R46s that are currently running on the because of Queens Blvd CBTC. However, my opinion is the R46s currently in Jamaica yard will stay there till the base order of R211s shows up, so nothing needs to be shuffled around. Why send R46s to CI to fill Jamaica with 160s, then move some 160s back after the base order arrives? That seems a bit excessive. In time between now and a little more than a year when the production R211s start showing up, we will all figure out the answer for this. Till then, its a guessing game.
  9. 10-car R160s ran on the due to a General Order, where the F couldn't make its way down to Coney Island, and the did instead, and borrowed sets from the for service. For regular, daily service, once the R211s come, it will be 8-car trains. Its up to the MTA if they will be 8-car R160s or R179s. The / ran R160s due to the reasons you explained. They needed extra service due to the march, and the cars had to come from somewhere lol. The Fast Forward plan (whenever it starts) doesn't bother the / for 10 years, so the R68s aren't going anywhere until it time to retire them. They may have some age to them, but they run just fine. Quit hating on them, its starting to get old. Why would the / lose R160s? Unless the swap between CI/Jamaica happens, its unlikely anything is moving out of Coney. One thing I have yet to understand is why everyone shuffles cars all over the place to yards that don't currently use them. What is wrong with a fleet sitting in its current yard till it retires, unless its for a line planned to have CBTC?
  10. He quoted a post about in service sets. I doubt he meant "delivered" as in all on property (as that's what it actually means lol), he probably meant "delivered" as in running in service and completed testing. I could wrong though, so happy283 would need to explain 🤷‍♂️

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