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  1. Didn’t know they all worked together, makes sense thou
  2. Ain’t the bus company that covers shuttles only NYCT? 7300 is only for reg MTA bus which isn’t the transit company ? I could be wrong
  3. MTA sure moves slow, list would prob expire before it reaches my #
  4. Just seen that, btw letters got sent out with the exam info I got it this week, also have any of you sent out letters to DCAS in regauards of the “selective certification” ???
  5. Which ones cause the 3306-3307 should be over for. I just checked the filling period which was 012-013 it’s about to be 2019. Those should be done for by now
  6. I checked the filling period, exams are good for 4 years right ? Well filling was 012-013, I’m guessing the calling started in 2014 because the list establishes a few months after the test. So it’s either expired or is about to.
  7. Same, depends on you’re list number, if it’s low I’d do vacay time for the 10 day training.
  8. Yeah true I didn’t even look at the bottom, I took it this year thou, next boss is scheduled in a couple of months. Long story short we get a different list number for it right ?
  9. No prob. question do you know when exam lists expire ? Say we have a high list # for the 7300 is there a certain number that you’d think they would get up to?
  10. Just take every exam that comes out, letters for the 9100 are already being sent, pt is out the 18 and they have an nyct out till the 26th I think
  11. Just got an admissions letter for the boss 9100, I guess you have to retake it even if you’ve taken the exam before
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