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  1. The irony here is, in it’s hayday, the n20/n21 was once every five minutes [combined] during the AM rush, before the n20G/H split.
  2. Since NICE Link has been silently killed off, is there like any plan for that part of Nassau County, bus-wise?
  3. If I had to guess, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with killing like 10+ routes & thus turning the good lot of the southeastern reaches of former NICE bus network/coverage into a bus transit desert. Like, why?
  4. Actually, it is the drivers’ fault. They have the willpower to challenge & question the unnecessary & outdated runtime by simply going faster, as the busways are intended to be used for. Yet they conform & cower, like cowards.
  5. I have to wonder how often those private mini-bus “vans” operate between Far Rockaway & 5 Towns Shopping Center. I’ve seen ‘em pop up at both locations, and with how bad actual bus service is around there, I think I’m about ready to start riding those myself.
  6. Man, White Plains to Palisades once every 10 minutes? Sure wish we had that kind of superfluous amount of service & special treatment, you know, EVERYWHERE ELSE.
  7. 12:13 PM W20 from CCSC to Bedford Park is a dud. Purposely goes too slow & results in missed connection. Please eliminate.
  8. Recently spotted 577 on W45 at New Rochelle, signed up as one of those Pelhamdale Avenue-bound school trippers.
  9. So...how much lottery jackpot money NY/America wants to bring back 7-day a week, 5 AM to Midnight, half-hourly, full time, $5.50 per trip BxM4C bus service?
  10. Not my fault no one else on this forum uses the Brewer Blvd routes often enough to understand.
  11. Scenario: Sinkhole or huge water main break takes out all of 149-Concourse out of service (can’t let any or trains anywhere near it).
  12. I wonder how often Lexington Express trains just bolt out of GCT n/b or 125 St s/b nowadays...because I’m loving every second of it. I have to wonder if it’d be possible to increase the limit out of 125 St n/b for trains going towards 138/Concourse...I know that part’s still really slow.
  13. Hot Take: Considering the Rockaways & the adjacent areas to the east of Far Rockaway are deceivingly so close, yet so far to navigate in & out of...this isn’t the worst idea I’ve seen. Then again, I’m just here holding my breath until a speculated extension of the Q52 to Far Rockaway somehow happens...probably not.
  14. Why not both? *assuming we’re anywhere close to anything that idealistic in the next hundred years*

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