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  1. And I missed both the last Q43 bus & the last train at the same time here at Sutphin/Hillside for the next 30 minutes, thus making me miss the last Q114 bus for the next hour. Can we PLEASE just have a one seat ride bus between Bronx/Five Towns? (or at least extend the Q113/114 to Sutphin/Hillside) P.S. f**k outta here with your ‘get a car’ suggestions
  2. These Q44 B/O’s drive like they fix roads...LOUSY. I’ve counted at least five lights this guy shouldacouldawoulda made it past, if not for everything in the universe getting in the way here on Main Street.
  3. All other options are exhausted as far too unreliable & not showing up on-command. I am afraid it has become more than necessary, for reasons of network coverage.
  4. There needs to be a free crosshonoring system on the Far Rockaway LIRR Branch between Jamaica & Five Towns at all times. There’s like nothing else mass transit to take that actually exists to go to/from Five Towns.
  5. Can we like start a procurement/provision for an express bus route operating between Bronx & Five Towns? It’s like impossible to get to/from work everyday in Cedarhurst, the , n31, n32, and Q114 are all unreliable & nihilistic, and I flat out refuse to spend extra just to take the LIRR.
  6. Let’s play a game: List 100 ways to fall into the 1 hour gap in bus service (n31, n32, Q114) going from Far Rockaway into Five Towns between 2:00 PM & 3:30 PM. I’ll start: 1) A dog is on the tracks in front of your train at Rockaway Boulevard, making it so that instead of arriving at Far Rockaway at 2:15 PM as scheduled, you arrive late & just miss the last bus out of Far Rockaway for the millionth time in a row.
  7. Is it really that hard to just reschedule buses to just legally leave/arrive earlier (regardless of run time)?
  8. Update: Managed to transfer to a second Q44 at Main/Melbourne. Offtopic — They really need to redo the departure/arrival times, and the bus stops along Archer Avenue for the Q44 & Q114 to connect better. I always keep just missing a Q44 at Archer Avenue, no matter what Q114 I take.
  9. The Q36 is just gonna have to git gud, for the n24’s sake. Otherwise, the n24 is never going to improve.
  10. Could we like, stop with the invisible Q44 buses on MTA BusTime, please? This is making my commute between Jamaica & Throggs Neck Shopping Center FORTY MINUTES LONGER THAN IT NEEDS TO BE. Context: The 8:03 PM Q44 out of Jamaica was invisible to BusTime, AND late irl. I made the mistake of boarding a Q20A, and just missed a transfer between the Q20A & the ghosting Q44 at Main/Manton. Stupid...
  11. I would legitimately be so happy if the Q52 got extended all the way to Far Rockaway. I’ve been going through Queens Center more often than Jamaica to get to Five Towns in Nassau County as of late, and not having to change buses in Arverne would be a huge relief. On the other hand, traffic flow isn’t exactly stellar around Far Rockaway especially during rush hour (see: Q113/114), and I will admit...I’m not so sure how the Q52 will be able to navigate via the Q22’s routing between Arverne & Far Rockaway if extended as such.
  12. It’s funny if you think about it. It’s been raining so much in the past few weeks, the Q114 has probably been finding itself detoured away from 147th Avenue & Brookville Boulevard more often than not. Guess they decided, “Welp! May as well detour it away from there permanently.” As someone who started using the Q114 to get to/from work regularly a month ago, I am personally all for this service change.
  13. Scheduled departures: 6:33, 6:43, 7:00, 7:15 Actual departures: N/A, 6:53, N/A, 7:13
  14. n31/32 was horrendous this past Wednesday. Arrived at Far Rockaway from an train at 2:30 PM. Nothing on the n31/32 arrived until 3:20 PM. Signed up as an n31, but operated via n32 routing. Upon entering Central Avenue, THREE buses on the n31/32 line passed by on the other side going into Far Rockaway.
  15. (kept using an unreliable site for image hosting)

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