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  1. Wow.... I can't believe they did that to you. If i were u while sitting there & seeing that they are calling numbers above yours i wldve gotten up aftr hearing just 2 or 3 numbers later, not like 7 or 8 as i did. Im sorry to hear that. That sounds exactly like my luck. You at least are working where as i'm trying to get re-employed. Try to stay strong and yes, do contact those individuals u stated u wld. Good luck buddy & keep strong.
  2. Sounds like a good choice. All I was saying is that you waited so long for this opportunity to return that i'm sure you wouldn't want it pass you by... But you know best.
  3. Wow cool, but further procrastination... having to wait more time... but it sounds a bit positive. Good luck.
  4. I have and had a clean license for years. I have a Class B CDL that I've had over 14 years with no parking tickets. I worked for the city and I don't get tickets, and if I ever did I would pay it then and there. I don't have any moving violations on my license, no accidents and I also drove a bus for the Department full of inmates. It was a probationary, political set of reasons that they give to clear their playing field of anyone. They were very unfair and had no compassion in me losing both my parents in one year's time. And they want to talk " we Bleed Blue." Very false statement...
  5. Excuse me, Meant to say 1-in-3 letter.
  6. & sorry brother Dorrell for not responding to your understanding of my situation, but yeah, it wasn't nor is it fair in any way, what they did to me. At my previous job I was an Award winner ( I'm not saying it to brag, but there are people that have been with the Department 20 years and above, who have never gotten one, meaning, I did my job and I did it well) who showed up to work everyday at least an hour before my start time. I was punctual, respectful to all. Supervision, top brass, my coworkers, as well as the inmates. Which is why I won the award in the first place, cuz the inmates reciprocated the respect that I had given them. I thought I was also respected by the department, but it's obvious that i wasn't, for we can see what has transpired. All I want is to be working again Within the job that I know I would like, that I qualify for. Even if they would allow me to make a lateral move within the city, in terms of a job, but they have taken that opportunity away from me with that 3-in-1 letter.
  7. Hi there Dorrell Love... The letter was frm NYCT...
  8. Yes, I have the 1-in-3 letter... I have that and all other documentation. Where do I go in this site to find that PM you sent? I'm looking everywhere in this site, but can't find it.
  9. Where do i go to find that PM you sent ?
  10. Yes, I have the 1-in-3 letter. I have all my pertinent documentation. I even documented the actual dates of when I did all that I have done. I'm going to now look for the PM you state you sent.
  11. Have i ? These are the individuals that I have written to with my dilemma, and what they really did was crippled me, because they've made it a very, very stressful road ahead for me to attempt to get employment. And good employment. Employment that I qualify for in every way, yet they make me feel as though I myself am and was a prisoner. Prisoners right now have better chances at getting employed at a high-paying job than I do, because of what they've done to me. These are those individuals who I, as of the end of April 2018 have written to via there .gov emails, and in this same order: - The commissioner of the Department of Corrections: Miss Cynthia Brann - Her Deputy Commissioner of the Department of Corrections: Miss Pinnock - The mayor of New York: Bill De Blasio - I also CC'd The NYC Department of Labor - My District 13 City Councilman: Mark Gjonaj/ and his predecessor: Mr James Vacca - The Governor: Andrew Cuomo - New York Senator: Chuck Schumer - The Channel 7 On Your Side team: Sophia, Pineda, Hoffer, and Leigh... I even just recently, due to the fact that she was just recently elected into office, I also reached out to: - Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who is also allegedly from the Bronx, but did not do, nor has she reached out to her mutual bronxite... ME. Mr. Young you state that " You never know until you try " ? I've been on this forum months ago looking into my job opportunity on the list for, Bus Operator exam number: 4600, and you have given me and a lot of others very good information. I have found you to be very helpful and informative. Just look at this long list of my trying, and it wasn't just one time that I emailed these individuals at there .gov email addresses. It's been several times, to an obvious, no avail. If you or anyone else out there reading this email know of how I can get any vindication or somehow have these bars that they've placed around me lifted, and allowing me to be human once again, I plead with you all, please let me know. Because of all of this that's occurred, I have had to disgracefully apply for public assistance, etc. I've used up all my savings etc. I'm not giving up, but it's been very hard.
  12. Though I was on that very list, and going through the hiring process ( Completed employment packet, urine drug test), they the MTA/City sent me a 4.7.1 letter that states, " You were considered, but not selected " ruining my chances for the job. It also Stated that, " I can only be recertified by this agency upon this agencies request ." This is really messed up because prior to this I was a city worker and unfortunately lost both my parents in one year, and for grieving their loss, the other agency didn't stick by me and unfortunately let me go, and now I'm being damn by both agencies, though I qualify for the job. I've reached out to all my local politicians as well as those politicians who serve Us in Washington. I even reached out to the news media ( The channel 7 on your side team), and would you believe no one has helped. I didn't know which other way to turn, nor do I, so I have had to just raise my hands and say to god, I give up, But Good luck to all of you who have been called for the job. 👍
  13. Wow, so you're in the same waiting game that im in, but you're more advanced than i am in this process... Dont knw when or if they will call me, but gd luck...
  14. Wow, so you're in the same waiting game hat im in, but you're more advanced than i am in this process... Dont knw when or if they will call me, but gd luck...
  15. Sorry to hear that... Moving violation? Itz Tuesday july 30th & i still havent heard frm them ( MTA) for the 2nd phase.... How long did they say you wld have to wait?
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