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  1. I recently pulled a bus out, when I finish and pulled it in I notice a scratch on it. I panic and didn’t write it up, whats the likely outcome?
  2. Hey guys I have a question? With the Artic buses or the new flyers do the regularly review the camaras or is it only when there’s an accident?
  3. I did my drug test on Wednesday, I was supposed to do it on the 10th but I had pending tickets but they told me to come in this week or next but after that I would have to call, I went on Wednesday. Is there only 1 class in August. Plus there were ppl for bus machanic etc
  4. Do you need a HS diploma to get hire for B/O?
  5. It’s a distracted drive course, it’s only offered in Nassau county so I have to drive with this device for 90 days, after the 90 days are complete my tailgate ticket turns into a parking ticket resulting into whipping away the 4 pts.
  6. The thing is it’s going to be paid. I’m going to plead guilty to tailgating with is 4 pts. So I’m pleading guilty to that BUT after I complete this 90 day program it will knock off the 4 pts and it will turn into a parking ticket. So if I plead guilty to the 4 pts, will I still be able to proceed even though those 4 pts will knock off after 90 days?
  7. So it’s best to wait for the ticket to clear even thou the MTA requirement is 4 pts or lower on your license
  8. I have to plead guilty to tailgating then after 3 months it turns into a parking ticket. Now the tailgating is a 4 pt ticket but after the 3 months it turns into a parking ticket 0 points. So I would have to wait after the 3 months?
  9. I have a question... I got a letter to come in...but I recently got a cell phone ticket in Nassau, I might enter a plea where it turns into a tail gate ticket, that’s 4 pts but after 3 months it will turn into a parking ticket and 0 points. I also have a finder bender on my abstract from 2015. Will that disqualify me?
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