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  1. Oh is it? And how do u call delivery of such poor service... U shield urselves and leave the other side ajar. That's wickedness. Now if you may know, I pay my fare to the latter and my transfer cards due to where I live I dun need it so I give it out. I wouldn't need to to complain if like others I dun pay for the service. But to schedule your time only to get it extended and you can't complain because even if you call MTA, U need a bus number... It's not smtin to applaud. Before you fault smone for a bad deed, make sure ur doing the opposite.
  2. Then u should do more digging ... Untill then, this not the first nor the last time I will put such post here on "your" platform...
  3. Protocols get broken and laws atimes gets twisted if you think things of public concern shouldn't be placed here where it will even be most heard, privitize this page and stop being ridiculous.... You have a job get it done when alerts are raised and stop trying to be channel man... Drop the channels here and we will than in to it.
  4. Well to between 11:45pm and 2am that I waited with two other passengers, at least one should have come before 2am but nothing... I have no business with s78 or anything but as a customer who have schedules and plan to meet the bus at the right time and have to get the bus disappointing me that much it's worth talking about.... If you say if we see smtin, we shud say smtin, the we shud also say smtin when we feel we r not treated well
  5. Well someone has to know our concerns so if it's supposed to be somewhere else, u can drop the URL to that page... I'm future concerns will not be posted here
  6. Well probably cos it's a matter of concern and to a larger extent, you know it
  7. Well I beg to differ but if it's 40 to 60 mins interval operation then what's the time board at the terminal sitting there for?? To misinform us? Or what? On the time board, times to expect busses was on point infact buses came on these times but had not in service displayed and passed by thats exactly what I am saying.. what then is the app for? When app is giving a time a a bus get there exactly on that time and displays not in service and goes by is that what you saying isn't horrible? It hurts me I dint screen shot the bus time app time and dint record the number of the bus that passed by ... I'm really hurt at that but there's always another time... When I called MTA, The rep agreed that on Saturday nights between the time I stated, at least 2 buses should be working before the time I had a bus and the driver in whose car I entered at two was even aggravated cos he said he gets lots of loads at that time and it's as if the buses before him doesn't work.. he wasn't aggravated cos he gets lots of pple but because it wasn't just me asking alot of questions all of us at the same spot we're asking alot and that wasn't cool... So pardon me but what's visible will be spoken.. if the time boards are no longer working it should be changed to suit your customers..
  8. I definitely do not until something better is done about the bus times and this not in service display on correct times...
  9. Yes I do.. one occasion, it was a Saturday night... I got to the stop at 12:30am and it was 2:00am bus that picked me up... Right before me I counted not less than 6 busses that passed with "NOT IN SERVICE" display and left. Probably some of those would have been the s74 but trust me, there was a woman with a child on the wait too who just had to get in board one s74 that pulled up cos she couldn't wait no more. The 2am bus driver had a complaint to even make and quoting him, "I get so much load on my bus from 2am and I wonder what is the problem sir, I ask if it's the driver's before me who don't do their jobs or people just come after they pass... Yesterday at 11:15pm, a bus 8151 s78 passed right on time and yet nothing.. 10:45 to 11:50 nothing to show till 11:50pm one bus came in... The service is really not cool.... It is not at all cos I have experienced it twice so I know what I am talking about... One of these days I will sit back there and get a video shot of the not in service display at correct times and post it here... I know it will repeat itself and so I will definitely get a grab...
  10. So many times I wonder why the MTA takes the bus riders for granted in this section of route and I wonder if they are probably telling us indirectly to go get our own cars. It's always so annoying to calculate your time, waiting for the bus and the bus shows up, display "NOT IN SERVICE" at the time the bus should arrive and pass. After sometimes getting to spend two hours waiting for s charitable S78 driver to come and pick you up, the expect you to pay fully for such poor and incompetent service. No way. I think I am getting to side with so many people who doesn't pay when they ride because if you think your doing me a favor, then I will do you a favor back by choosing to pay or not. It's not interesting at all... On two occasions, I have stayed at the bus station for two hours waiting for the bus and all the buses that are supposed to be coming on those times between these two hours passes by till one sensible driver pulls up to work. It's something that's been happening and I'm gathering my info properly. I think when I get all my videos and photos gathered, someone would have to see them in court to explain their terrible services to the masses. It's dangerous to depend in a bus, get out of work late calculate to catch the bus earlier and later have to stay by the road side exposed for 2 hours...
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