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  1. #4796 has now officially left GH today and is now at Ulmer Park Depot. I tracked it earlier it was hauling on the Bruckner Exp way, so Bronx officially has no more XD60s Sad ending but oh well now they can be maintained alittle bit better in brooklyn compared to how KB and GH handled them.
  2. #4170 from FB is also now at Eny Depot currently working the B83.
  3. #6490 is there too sported with the Grand decals but I'm sure it's for storage as well.
  4. #4220 & #4221 FB to Eny Depot currently #4220 is on the B25 & #4221 is on the B83.
  5. The other ones are full transfers too and will get the decals. And I said stayed over night because usually when there is loans buses tend to stay one extra day then from there they go back to it's actual depot.
  6. #3981 & #3982 stayed overnight so it's a full transfer from FP which means that is Eny unit's now #3981 is on the B12 rn & #3982 is working on the Q24.
  7. Hmmm seems like FP units are dropping like Flys, now they can rest.
  8. #4866 from Ulmer is doing a run on the B39 rn and #449 from JG is on it too.
  9. Yes I'm sure it was doing a few runs on the B39 this morning now it's running on the B46.
  10. #4628 From FB Depot is doing a run on the B39 as we speak.
  11. Ahh man my Favorite Depot lost 2 good ones today F.
  12. That unit is on the B6 rn currently at Rockaway Pkwy.
  13. MCH could be getting more LFS Artics from Quill so stay on the lookout so far #5443 got it's decal on the bus Ik that sometimes Depots tend to do that even tho it's on loan so yeah.
  14. So one of my freinds spotted #1300 the new prevost on yonkers Ave heading towards the bronx section.
  15. #3977,#3976 and #3980 was all loans today for Eny Depot, currently all of them is back at Pond.
  16. Interesting I thought amazing #4790 and #4791 would be perserved or something guess not.
  17. Does anyone knows the update on those transfers GA got recently from Eny Depot or they getting worked on from Grand.
  18. The R32s has return 7/1/20. This R32 spotted at 121st Street was heading to 111th Street Layup.
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