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  1. It makes sense because Ik of Eny being short on buses rn plus with there OGs retiring soon it totally makes it effective for them to have the next gens and to loan off on that XD40
  2. Funny thing is I'm looking at it rn its turned off near Tillary St along the B67 area I guess it will start service on the B54
  3. Yep that's the one I should of token it while I rode it on the B57 but oh well
  4. #7265 was spotted on the B20 with the Announcements. And #4520 has the Screens which is on but that's it...
  5. Today's Run of #8703 on the S93 along Bay Ridge Av.
  6. Hmmm so another interesting thing FP huh now that's somewhat interesting including the fact they got replacements which was those Next gens.
  7. 7279 has the screens now but it has no announcements yet it was doing a run on my B20 while I was going home today.
  8. Can't wait for FP to put there OGs to rest as well... they had so many good units but it's time to put a end to a good era.
  9. Ahhh that's good news I'm happy that 117 which is 5534 is preserved that unit was my last ride on the Bx39 at the time when trevor said that was the last one running in New York that unit is a real good one it ride smooth and has a nice ringing to it.
  10. Ahhh yes lol now ENY,FP,GA,UP and FB are going at it with loaning buses back to back now this is interesting.
  11. FB is loaning #7150 and it's doing a run on the B41 rn.
  12. I was literally all over Jamaica trying to catch the last one from JA but I got nuthing up on the tracker danm... but aii JA is officially a All nova and x equipment depo.
  13. Umm I'm not sure if this is a transfer or not but apparently 4104 is on the B20 rn and that unit is from grand so I'm guessing it's a loan to fill in for service or something.
  14. 4532 from FP has the Screens too I remember seeing it while it did a run on the B6

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