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  1. So I spotted #6245 Today doing a Quick spin around at LGA
  2. Did anyone mention that #4520 from FP has the screens but it wasn't on when I was on it earlier while operating on the my home route B20 either it dosent work or it just wasn't on but it did have the announcements and transfers which was pretty cool ngl.
  3. Today #3767 was operating on the B103 in the afternoon around 3pm. not sure if it's a transfer but I'm sure it was a quick loan.
  4. #7850 is now at Ulmer spotted with stickers I seen it yesterday on my way to new lots for the 3. It did a run on the B6 at 7pm in da morning yesterday.
  5. That's crazy cause it did operations along the Q52 yesterday but I hope everyone was ok from that accident.
  6. #4731 was operating on the Q12 at around 12pm seen at flushing.
  7. Cant lie Bronx really destroyed there XD60s I literally rode #4780 yesterday on the B38 and I sit in the back and my god the seats was destroyed and there was gum on the seats and to mention seeds every where I was really distrusted 😷😷 but there's nothing much you can do about that situation cause ofc people will say Brooklyn cant or will be able to take of them compared to Bronx but I know they will play Grand has been working hard on them to look clean because the backs from what I seen where really scratched up and stuff now there's not much on them from when it came to Grand I can say the same for CS both of them got banged up artics so that sucks but ik they gonna do good with them and do a bit better then how bronx maintained them.
  8. #4715 ,#4722,#4763 and #4773 is at JG although #4722 is getting worked on at ENY it's still assigned to JG apparently.
  9. Well ughhh The B20 directly runs pass ENY Depo so it would make sense for it to be there or as a tripper at least. The Q39 runs near pond but your right about that I cant say the least about the Q38 too but oof. The B1 has alot of trips out of JG and FB but I can see it more at FB tho.And to mention that B12 I see tripper runs partially along from FB thats why I can see it operating from FB too but your right.
  10. I would like to See the B47 ,B12 and B1 to FB B4,B9 and B82 to UP B20,B7,B60 to ENY Q39,Q58, to Pond
  11. Anyone know the unit # ? of a MCI up in ENY Depo I seen it inside getting worked on and it's from MTA BUS.
  12. Sometimes they put there stickers on buses when they get loans they done that when they had the LFSes from KB on loan but maybe your right on this being a full transfer instead of a loan.
  13. Could be training cause last time I remembered they had the 2017 XD60 and trained it (doing ghost runs for the B35) so this could possibly be a scenario like this too or it can be other purposes.
  14. That link you gave is pretty interesting I took a look it all though some depo's need fixing but other then that nice assumption. For the Bx35 thing yes they all ready figured it out to make artics run on the Route plus they removed some stops as well not to mention that 3 attics was on the Bx35 again today this time in the afternoon so WFs could be putting artics on that route all the way until the official date if I'm correct on this I'd wish the same for the B38 and Q12 but for the Q12 an artic was actually testing along flushing from what Ik so there getting ready same thing with Grand I've seen a XD60 test along tillary.
  15. That would make sense but WFs sent some XN60s to The B35 for the increase on that route for the summer so I'm pretty sure JG is good for now but who knows they could end up doing that. And I cant say much for the process on the XD40s at Farms as of now they are leaving the bronx (finally) and is going to anywhere at this point.
  16. I can definitely see FP getting more this week from Grand while those 2005 old gens get retired it makes full since same thing for ENY although I could possibly see CS pushing them out to ENY even tho some is going to QV but I'm trying to make logical sense of this even tho it makes no sense but I'm just saying I said CS with giving ENY next gens because in my mind I dont think that would be enough for eny sense Next gens are going out the door from Grand and with them having 68 those are just aren't enough to hold down on pond or eny thata why I'm saying CS to help fill in on eny with the depart of OGs but who knows but it was a stupid thing of me to think of so idk but I will have to wait next week to see what transfer will happen next.
  17. This was an artic on the Bx35 today in the morning it did 2 trips. But anyways on that I just wanna say that it was been noted that WFs wasn't gonna keep those XD40s for too long only for short period of time and it makes sense for them to get pushed out now due to the Bx35 articulation so I'm glad things are going back on track with this.
  18. #4901 was seen at Eastchester Depo parked and in good condition.
  19. Ok just checked up on the Prottera and 0020 is up doing a test run on the S74.
  20. I got to say that's my favorite depo and me having a nice route from that depo its gonna be sad seeing it tooken off my home route but it is what it is I dont like seeing more next gens at pond cause they had em for so long and I would love to see them take back the XD40s they lost to Ulmer or get something else besides that but then again it makes since for them to get more next gens so I'm fine with that I'm just gonna say this now if will not be the same with out them Hybrids being at pond and that's for sure lol but r.i.p 6562 and 6563
  21. #4409 is operating on the B46 which I'm guessing that was a long loan from ENY and which the case is FB got it back as a transfer.

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