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  1. Ok, I agree with you on going from the Bronx to Queens. But from Brooklyn to Queens you can take the sometimes, and .
  2. I don't want to sound idiotic, but I'm new here, so... who are NIMBYs?
  3. I don't know, the Triboro RX to me just sounds like a waste of money, if you wanted to get to the Bronx from Brooklyn you could always take the D, 2, 4, 5, or 6. The LGA AirTrain is different.
  4. The Triboro RX doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon, and if construction began today it would take years to complete anyway. What we need is a plan to extend an existing line (like the proposal to extend the Astoria Line to LGA), or another route for the LGA AirTrain that's less useless than the current plan for it to end at Mets - Willets Point (though pretty much every other route would be better than that shitty route, other than rerouting it into the Long Island Sound and having it end there, but that doesn't beat the uselessness by much)
  5. @LGA Link N train Wouldn't it be more affordable to have the AirTrain stop not right below but near below Roosevelt Avenue and from there have people walk through an overpass to 74th Street?
  6. It's a good idea to have the Airtrain use the open cut. It would make construction faster and would, as you said, save money. As for Woodside, the train would turn right from the BQE onto Roosevelt and run above the 7 line to Woodside. At Woodside, the AirTrain would run on the same level as the to make transferring to it easier.
  7. jeez my first ever post was 42 minutes ago and two people have already given me positive feedback
  8. oh Mayor DeBlasio... You have a point, but maybe it could get some federal funding.
  9. The LGA AirTrain is just a big waste of money. Of course, we all know that, but I'd like to propose some solutions. My solution would be to extend the AirTrain via the Grand Central Parkway West and Brooklyn Queens Expressway West to Roosevelt Avenue and at Roosevelt Avenue, the track would split up, and one branch would head east via Roosevelt Avenue to 74th Street - Broadway and the other branch would head west, also via Roosevelt Avenue, to Woodside. At Woodside, passengers could take the LIRR to Penn Station, providing fast and easy access to Midtown Manhattan, or Jamaica to transfer to a train heading to Long Island or Atlantic Terminal, as opposed to taking a Port Washington train from Mets - Willets Point and making endless transfers. Plus, from Woodside, Grand Central is only 9 stops away on the line (and 5 stops away on the line), while from Mets - Willets Point, Grand Central is 17 stops away on the line (and 7 stops away on the line). At 74th Street - Broadway, aka Jackson Heights - Roosevelt Avenue, you could transfer to the and trains, providing easy and affordable access to Midtown Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, Coney Island, Brooklyn, Eastern Queens, and everywhere else in the city thanks to transfers. Although it may be a little costly to build a new hub in the middle of Roosevelt Avenue (which is very crowded), it would eventually pay itself off with a projected annual ridership of 7,300,000, which would result in $36,500,000 in revenue per year. It would pay itself off in less than 15 years!
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