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  1. Boy, you extreme foamers just love begging for attention. Since when is writing an article about RTS buses and then scrapping said buses a "Criminal Action". Let me just give you a quick and much-needed trip back to reality... 1) MTA's RTS's have been around for 38 YEARS! FAR longer than any other major transit agency (including MBTA, NJT, SEPTA, etc...) 2) Even if that article never came out, these buses were gonna be gone by the end of the year. 3) Not ALL of those RTS's were "perfectly serviceable"...some were on their last legs...(example: the last RTS #5240 died on its last night) 4) Remember when the Orion V's ran for the last time? Sure we were sad, but we've forgotten about them after a few weeks... 5) Buses are not HUMAN BEINGS, you're sounding like MTA and this reporter committed murder or something. Instead of whining and complaining, how about celebrating the legacy that these buses had...and as for the "reporters and transit execs going to prison" thing...🙄 What's next? You gonna say that the MTA execs should go to jail for canceling the L train shutdown? (Oops, shouldn't be giving out any ideas lmao).
  2. Tbh, they should've sent the best RTS's to WF. Then they could've retired the O7's by the first day of 2019 like they wanted to...
  3. Those O7's got another few months....(especially the 7800s), I wouldn't be surprised if they can last the first quarter of 2019. Hell, it's incredible that 7685 lasted so long, that it got renumbered.
  4. Idk if this was already reported but... 4100 (KB) & 8356 (GH) are being loaned to WF, both spotted on the Bx31 all day.
  5. But the part that I'm confused with is that normally there's 240ish 40 foot buses in service at WF. Currently there's around 260ish 40' footers, but when the remaining 90 O7's are retired, that's about 90 buses short. So my question is, what goes in place of those 40' footers? More C40's? I understand that the XN60's are replacing the O7's but those 60' footers aren't gonna see service on the 40' routes. I don't know, maybe I'm missing something lol
  6. I was hearing that 23 broke down last night. Someone got a pic of it sitting in Midtown between 2-8am with 4 ways on.
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