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  1. The R44 had a similar sign to that R10 one but with the K and B after the H
  2. Damnit, can you tell me how you upload PDF files without losing quality?
  3. So here I am, finally back with the original R-40 side roll sign. It could have been done in less than a week, but had many things to do. The exterior side and the "SPECIAL" readings are pictures from the Rollsign Encyclopedia book that a friend took for me, strip maps are done by me. And here's the PDF version on PDF Pro. Can't download the file without losing quality, so you'll have to check it like that: https://www.pdfpro.co/files/209ddd4d02b3eb3526de Next roll signs I will post: 1985 and 1986 R-40/R-40M/R-42 side roll signs.
  4. Nice, there were used on R40/Ms as well I think, but wasn't there another version with a Neue Haas Grotesk , a Condensed (and possibly a with a Standard non condensed ) dating from 10/03/1986? Also, I made the black and white side signs for the R40M and R42, there was 2 versions: one modified version of the 1977 ones (both Northern and Eastern Divisions) with strip maps, and the other one had white bullets (like the front sign some R10 used in the late 80s), but I think I used the wrong fonts on this one, I'm waiting for someone to make the Standard Condensed and Neue Haas Grotesk Medium fonts to remake them and make R40 side signs. If you're planning to make them, then let me know. The 80s roll signs are a complete pain in the ass though, I have not much information except an old NYC subway video from 1988, including mixed consists of R40Ms and R42s on the B, K, J & M lines
  5. A sneak peek of what's coming next! Happy New Year! Here's the .PDF version if you want to see closer: http://www.mediafire.com/file/t1ki984kbnx3r3p/F_179-CHURCH_%281968_R-40%29.pdf/file
  6. From nycsubway.org: 4524-4525 Modified. These two cars were experimentally tested with varying shades of brown and orange over the entire interior. This was ultimately used on some older equipment on both divisions. I need any old timer's help on this one, I want to know when did those 2 cars had that experimental interior? I believe it was back in 1969 (while they were tested with cobra brake shoes, renumbered CB26-CB27) but I am not sure at all. But most importantly I want to see how the interior looked like. I couldn't find any pictures and I'm really surprised no one took or posted pictures of that interior on the net. R-38 3992-3993 also had that orange and beige interior at some point, but also no pictures or anything. If no one knows nor have any more info, that's how I imagine the interior looked like: (picture of R-40 and R-42 interiors by Joe Testagrose in 1969, 1971 and 1972 , edited by me for the orange interior representation.)
  7. I'm not really sure there was a condensed Eastern Parkway-Broadway Junction / Broad Street writing. I noticed in the picture below of an R42 with the side signs set to Parsons (or Queens) Blvd / Broad Street, that the gap between the writing and the right border of the sign is a bit smaller than on the one you reproduced, so I think the condensed Eastern Parkway-Broadway Junction writing would not fully fit due to the sign not being wide enough. Either it was indeed condensed with "Junction" cut to "Jct", or it said Eastern Parkway / Broad Street. Or maybe it's just me lol
  8. Yes they did since the sign was from the northern division fleet. They even had the Culver Shuttle on them and I was quite impressed! I reproduced it a few weeks ago by the way with all the fake standard details, but still needs more details so I'll post it in the future.
  9. Well the funny thing is it was in order on the R44 side signs that I saw on eBay a while ago. I still have some pictures by the way since I saved them for reproduction: Probably because these signs had more routes on them unlike the R40-42 ones which had like 2-3 on them so I guess they didn't really care about the order. That can explain why the Jamaica (Queens Blvd Local version) roll sign's order is: EE/N/GG/S, on both end and side this time. Anyways, I want to start working on the original R40 side strip map signs but I have no idea what font was used, looks like Akzidenz Grotesk Semi Condensed but it's not.
  10. Decided to post some more 1969 R42 roll signs. This time the 207th St and Concourse rolls: (I'm not 100% sure about the 207th Street roll though) Some strip maps need to be reworked on especially the E line which I'll post later with Jamaica roll signs. EDIT: The strip maps are not high quality because I used a low resolution image for my models, so I could have a good balance with performance.
  11. I wasn't planning to make it today but actually decided to. Here's the R42's 1973 Eastern Division side destination roll sign, based of the houseofmemories' eBay listing:
  12. Well I'll guess I'll have to improvise in the making of the 1973 ED side rollsigns, so stay tuned as well.
  13. I'm still really confused about the 1973 modifications on the ED R42 sets, from what I dug on eBay and what you said Lance (that I didn't really understand by the way), I believe the secondary sets' front rollsigns (cars 4890s - 4920s) that were assigned to the , and , were modified into J, K, Special; and later, primary sets' front rollsigns (cars 4850s - 4890s) that were assigned on the and , were modified into J, K, M, Special, LL, QB (like you mentioned). But what was the point of having the and lines using different sets or... 2 different sets having the same route? What about the side signs? It means they would be like that? : Secondary sets (cars 4890s - 4920s): 57 St-6 Av 168 Street 57 St-6 Av Crescent Street 57 St-6 Av Metropolitan Avenue ----- ^ The ones above might got removed ^------ 57 St-6 Av Eastern Parkway 57 St-6 Av Rockaway Parkway 168 Street Broad Street Primary sets (cars 4850s - 4890s): 57 St-6 Av Eastern Parkway 57 St-6 Av Rockaway Parkway 168 Street Broad Street Metropolitan Avenue Myrtle Avenue Metropolitan Avenue Coney Island 57 St-7 Av Brighton Beach 57 St-7 Av Coney Island Eighth Av Rockaway Parkway Eighth Av Atlantic Avenue Eighth Av Myrtle Av There is something not logic behind the J and K added on the other sets and the LL and M being moved. Either I messed up somewhere or it's simply because TA didn't even think...
  14. Really? Cause I don't think the R42s could fit the A, AA, B, CC, D, RR all in one side destination rollsign. Anyways, on my end, I finally finished all of the 1969 side destination rollsigns for the R42s, here are 2 examples: I'm currently working on on the 1973 versions (black with new transfers to ED), and also the original 1968 R40 Slant side rollsigns on the Fan versions.
  15. I see what you're talking about, I saw that weird J R16 sign on eBay a few months ago, It indeed really looks odd. They also did it with the K (from the former KK) where they used the same font but a bigger single letter: . ---------------------------- Anyways I found that picture a while ago, an R42 with the R44 end rollsign. But now I wonder if they kept the full A,E,EE,F,GG,N,S sign (like on the actual R44s), or just left the E and F since the R42s only had the one piece E,F,S rollsigns when they ran on these lines.
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