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  1. I was under the impression that the XDE60 order was scrapped.
  2. So you wanna add more buses to an already congested series of streets? Aight.
  3. Im not surprised. Being the majority of the electric fleet, M7's are run to the ground, and doing 70+ mph and braking from those speeds constantly would definitely do a number on the wheels.
  4. Someone mentioned this above, but I find a station in SSY unnecessary. If that info is correct, Long Island City LIRR is right down the street from where the Amazon HQ is gonna be. This can easily be resolved by reconfiguring LIC to be EMU friendly. Those southernmost tracks where they store the electrics would get full length platforms, and they'd go from there.
  5. To be fair, SI's express network is trying to do for the island what the subways do for the other boroughs. I can't speak for UP, as it should be a pretty easy operation with only 4 routes, but SI runs their buses to the ground considering the volume of service during the week.
  6. A month or so back, yes, they tested a 160 retrofitted with CBTC equipment on the s/b express track.
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