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  1. Does anyone think they'll extend this list with everything going on with covid? my list number is 401×
  2. Does anyone have a link to the certification list i tryed looking through old posts didn't see it and Google keeps directing me to some database company
  3. I see a lot of people are being called why isn't the information on the scam line being updated?
  4. How about 401* what are his chances asking for a friend?
  5. When are they going to start calling off the list?
  6. When should they start calling off the list?
  7. Do you have the link to were I fan get this info?
  8. I wonder how long is the list going to be anyone know?
  9. I hear the same based on this thread it looks like there between 500 and 800
  10. I wonder what list number there up seems like the high 600s
  11. If I have tier 4 with my current city job how does that work if mta hires me do I keep the same tier and fall into a different plan?
  12. What penton system does mta have is it nycers?
  13. Congratulations What's your list number range?
  14. What is the difference in nyct bus and mta bus bus operator is work location the difference?
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