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  1. I am still writing out my index cards. It’s hard since my current job I’ve been working 12 hour days. But I’m gonna try my hardest.
  2. Thank you for the info!! So I got invited to the S & D.. have they already checked our background, credit etc??? Or they do that after you pass S & D.. I’m definitely not quitting my job yet. Will have to make time to study
  3. I got an email today to attend the overview on Sept 10th!!!
  4. Nope haven’t heard anything yet. Let me know when you guys hear something!
  5. Went to the open house today. According to them the next class probably won’t be until 2019. We were told the S&D overview is Sept 10. Then 5 weeks from then the test would be Oct 15. They weren’t sure of when the next class was.
  6. So I spoke to a friend who knows someone in class right now. She started Oct 2017, her training class started June 2018 and she graduates next month Sept 2018... so it’s almost a year. I don’t take the first part until Aug 21, so I would assume that class would be next year. I got a long way to go if I do make it. Just being patient.
  7. Hey I am attending open house at Hillside on Aug 21st.. So is it safe to say we should dress as if we are going on an interview? And also how long will we be there?
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