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  1. *raises glass* Heres to a new career, congrats to everyone starting today, lets do it, godspeed.
  2. I would like an inv to the slack class, and also info on this Kaka bag
  3. Thank you Was a long process, started this in June, finally got thru, told my current job today that next Wednesday will be my last day Want to thank everyone that has supplied info to this thread, I will continue to update you guys as this process keep moving on
  4. Start class on the 26th list #4xx Medical was done yesterday Did second Pre employ last Monday on the 5th
  5. Just got email for Medical on the 14th for Nov 26th class List #41x Did pre emply 11/5 Edit: For anyone that did Medical, do you know how long the process is? Dont think I can take another full day off from work
  6. Becoming impatient lol but what can you do *shrugs*
  7. ^ Everything he said this was my second pre emply and my third urine test, bring a book phone charger battery pack
  8. ^Thanks, lets wait and see Went to pre-employ on Monday, whoever said you dont have to arrive early is giving bad tips lol was literally there for 12 hours, showed up at around 7:45 which I knew was a big mistake given the first couple times I went how long I’ve waited even arriving around 7am Lab was put on hold for current employees, so the rest of us had to wait for them to finish They told us we could go take a walk/get food and come back, felt like I did a work shift lol
  9. When did u go in for your pre-employment? Im list #41x so im curious on the turn around after the piss test
  10. Received ANOTHER letter to do ANOTHER pre-employment monday, did a pre employ in june and 2 piss tests this year, just did one on 9/7, that one is not even expired yet, what the hell is going on?
  11. From what i was told on the phone they are starting back to 0, was moved from 7** to 4**, I am more than ready but it seems like the wait is another couple months because of the restart Did my second Lab in September
  12. ^ what good is it lol this damn list still restarted from 0
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