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  1. So they randomly have ppl come in for pre screening & go by list # for final processing? Cause my list number is mid 400’s have have yet to get a pre screening letter.
  2. At this point i just like to check in and I’m happy that ppl are being called in ... I’m still waiting for myself i get tired of calling getting the run around or half ass / incorrect info. But I’ve notice ppl with higher list number then I have been getting called in... at the end of the day the only thing i can do is wait. Everything happens for a reason. However, i am happy all that have been called in so far.
  3. I guess they are pulling random numbers cause my number is in the 400’s and i haven’t gotten anything since the letter with my test score and list number
  4. @TrueBlu thanks again. And will do. I have more peace of mind as far as this is concerned now. I felt whenever i called the person i spoke too seem overwhelmed but i had no other choice to accept the info given because They work there. Not i mention it seemed like a lot was going on in the back end as far as this position was concerned. Whelp waiting patiently i shall be. Happy new year
  5. Did anyone get a letter a few months back that they didn’t get provisional Station agent position? I receive that letter a few months back so i assumed i wasn’t in the running anymore. Then got my letter (i assume the same day as most) stating my store and list number. I’m still a lil confused as to how this process goes especially since I went for pre employment oct 2017. Can anyone help clarify for me? Is it a matter of just waiting to be called now?
  6. Hey.. Im confused.. I went in for pre employment oct 2017.. I called over the summer and the person I spoke to said I wasn't qualified. So I ruled out this position. I got the letter in the mail yesterday with my test score and official list number 440. it said that list was generated 12/12/18. I assume the info I was given on the phone months ago was incorrect. Anyone had this happen to them?
  7. Hey so just wanted to get some feedback for you guys... my application process... i took the dec 2015 test... lost my answer sheet so i don’t know what my exact score is... i got my letter for pre employment oct 2017... call around Xmas/ New Years and was told about the hiring freeze... like 2 weeks ago i get a email that i didn’t qualify then later that day got another email and text that the 1st email was sent by error and will get a letter in the mail once the list was generated. Does this mean the process is moving swiftly now?
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