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  1. Don’t forget that since the Q12 is going Artic Casey Stengel could send some next gens else where that need
  2. 5794 & 5985 From gun hill to kingsbridge both freshly repainted
  3. Yes I agree especially being that there’s a major shopping center in that area & a great connection to the court houses, City Hall & the Brooklyn bridge
  4. Good to know hopefully that extension comes soon
  5. I know the M1 is supposed to be extended from Grand st to Worth st when construction work is completed on Worth st so maybe the M2 will be extended as well
  6. 5356 was involved in a accident which caused damaged to the front window it may be OOS for a little bit
  7. There’s still a few 1200’s at MCH that are still wrapped in SBS
  8. 5797 freshly repainted Gun Hill’s LFSA are almost done being rehabilitated

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