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  1. I’ve always wanted to know why the Q70 is free on special holidays or in this case for the summer
  2. If they gonna separate the bx15 give people better options extend it to 138st or 125 & second Ave. 125st is a major hub so of course it’s gonna be a traffic jam, enforce the bus lanes and add bus lanes to the wills Ave bridge
  3. This plan Is giving me 2010 vibes I see the MTA running low on cash so to save themselves they are pretending to give the Bronx A BETTER bus network. I can see from right now it’s going to be a nightmare especially on routes in co-op-city, on gun hill road , bx15, M125, bx36 & bx40 looks a complete mess. The reroute of the bx11 to 174st ( first off on 174st between Hoe ave & Boston road is a one way westbound so they would have to loop the bx11 around that area) The MTA needs to hire more people that live in areas of low income and know what the impact of revamping some of these routes would do cause whew child 🤦🏽‍♂️
  4. As a person who uses the bx15 on a daily basis I’m against this There are people out there including myself who use the bx15 as a one seat ride to get to the west side of Harlem OR to get to 125st and transfer to another bus or the 1,ABCD trains. Now if this plan goes into affect low income families who use the bx15 as a one seat ride would now have to transfer at 149st which puts more time on their commute or who use the bx15 to get to Harlem to transfer to another bus or train would have to spend another $2.75 to get on another bus to take them to harlem and again adds more time to their commute it takes about an hour to get from Fordham to west 125 what needs to happen is some stops need to be eliminated the 15 bus does not need to stop at every block on 125 st or every other block on wills ave
  5. Okay cool also I see 5943 is back at west farms from Kingsbridge is this true or a loan
  6. I’m guessing this order is gonna be mixed up like the XD40 order QV still needs about 32 more buses so the should’ve gotten Kingsbridges fleet (8504 - 8568)and kingsbridge should’ve gotten ( 8569 - 8629)And Yukon should’ve had (8630 - 8707 which leaves gun hill with 8708 - 8754
  7. Buses I care about now : All Orion’s VII gens up to 2010 2010 - 2013 & 2016 - 2019 Nova bus LFS & LFSA new flyer 2011 - 2013 C40L XN60s ( their outside interior reminds me of Toronto’s TTC new street cars with wheels ) I most say I’m gonna miss the diversity in the MTA on one route like the bx36 you could choose from RTS, LFS, LFSA, Orion gen hybrid, Orion vii CNG, 1990s Orion , D60hf , new flyer c40lf the list goes on

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