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  1. Went a few weeks ago and there was a lot of parking through the streets, I would leave extra early just in case
  2. All emails from the start came from Michelle Drew. I got my email a week before the overview.
  3. The instructor during the overview said classes are *most likely* early 2019, hopefully you receive info on the medical soon @IronHorse and @Two2Go thanks for the tips you both mentioned. 100 is the goal!
  4. Congrats. Same here! Btw, a Sean from Jersey was sitting next to me at the overview. I had a blue suite on lol, this is def probably you! I'll see you there.
  5. I’m hoping it’s overall but then again I don’t think I did too bad on the interview. It seemed as if my interviewer was going down a checklist of general questions really fast, thinking back in the moment I could’ve gave better answers. They were about my past experience, and how I can cope with the A/C process. How did your interview go?
  6. Nope. But from reading prior posts in this specific thread I can inference that those who get invited for the S&D overviews tend to receive their emails 3-4 days prior to the actual overview. For the October 10th overview, I think candidates should be receiving their invites either towards the end of this week or perhaps even the start of next week. As for those who will be put into the November 9th overview pool, there might be about a 4 week wait for that invite. Even though I haven't been expecting the invite for the past week it still doesn't stop me from checking my email every couple of hours though 😁. Excited for the process and I can't wait to get started
  7. During the Open House, Linda said that they are working on the scheduling of 2019 classes. I’m thinking you guys should be good to go sometime the beginning of next year.
  8. Just got back from Open House. Passed all 3 exams and I think I had a good interview. That cognitive test in terms of difficulty was the challenging part. Hoping for the best. Some dates to keep in mind: S&D overviews: October 10th or November 9th ——————— S&D tests If invited for Oct overview November 14 If invited for Nov overview December 14
  9. Thanks for your help. I left the most relevant details in the app and removed the ones I didn't from my resume. Good luck tomorrow! 👍
  10. If I am not mistaken I think the reason parking may end up being limited is because residents might have parking permits to park in front of their houses/community for the village of Babylon (this occurs in some parts of LI). Also -- For those who have been through the process if on the application I was not able to fit all descriptions of duties for a job is this an issue, should I remove the duties not listed on my application from my resume? Thank you for any insight.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. And no, there was no ticket issued just a normal police report. Definitely relieved some tension on my end as I anticipate for the open house in 14 days. Also -- Good luck to all who's attending the overview in a few days :)!!
  12. Just a quick question on anyone who might have the knowledge -- is an accident on your driving record considered a moving violation? I was involved in a minor accident about 4 years ago (the only accident on my record) and I am hoping that this doesn't swindle my chances. Any thoughts would be appreciated :) Thank you!
  13. A huge thank you to everyone who previously provided feedback and information about the overall process. I just got an invite to the next open house on September 21st in Babylon. Good luck to all!!

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