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  1. They are going to give you the definition and a blank space and you're going to define it word for word
  2. Bro, I worked a 9-5, and had an 8 month old, and I did it, it depends how bad you want it...5 weeks , studying 3-4 hours a day, is more than enough. You’re already selling yourself short with that attitude. Maybe this isn’t for you...
  3. It sucks but you need to be prepared to just get any one of them and spit it out, but keep in mind you need to get 100% on the signals, so make sure if anything those are known...you can spare missing a definition here and there if I remember correctly, also don’t leave anything blank!
  4. Don’t be lazy, make index cards yourself, word for word , I did 7 signals and 4 definitions a day , leaves you about 2 weeks / a week and a half for a full review of them. That’s the best way in my opinion
  5. You’re a donkey **** this idiot can’t even use proper grammar, Lol everyone knows who you are, you’re going to have a horrible time on the railroad, at least you have a nickname already donkey boy. Do us and yourself a favor and stop showing up loser.
  6. When did you pass your S&D? Passed mine and waited about 5 months before I started , and about 4 months before I was even contacted for the background. My advice is once you get contacted for the background or any contact from the RR regarding a potential class date, start studying ASAP, that packet is very important
  7. You’re a tool man, to be honest I hope you fail airbrake, calling your co-workers donkeys lol, even if you get through I’m sure your time on the RR will be interesting based on how you treat others... And to anyone in this dudes class, you guys should put him on the spot on Monday, see why he’s calling you a bunch of donkeys if I was you....
  8. I’m going for my medical tomorrow, what did you wear? Linda never specified the attire to wear
  9. I did the same thing, I waited for my medical email because I believe that is the last step prior to being put in a class, but to be honest I wish I kept it up for at least a day or 2 a week, but I see where you’re coming from , it is frustrating for sure
  10. I’d advise to review the signals and definitions , I just started getting back into them, I wish I had done it sooner.....
  11. You will get your time, you passed, they are going to give you an opportunity.
  12. I just received my medical exam date for 12/12 for the class apparently starting 1/9, time to hit those flash cards again, I passed In July as well
  13. I took mine in July and I just submitted all my paperwork for the background, Linda said something about a possible class starting 1-9, but originally said a date for 2-13, all tentative tho
  14. I got an email from Linda asking if I was still interested in the position which I replied yes to , she she that I would then revive the sterling email, I haven’t yet, gonna wait till Monday then Email her again
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