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  1. I’m in air brake right now. I saw nobody cry.
  2. I had mine last week (Wednesday) and would love to give my current employer ample time to find a replacement but haven’t heard anything yet. Hopefully this week.
  3. Anyone take the medical recently and hear back yet? If so how long did It take?
  4. Just heard back this morning. Very understanding and I just need to add it to the application.
  5. Same thing happened with me. I lost all of my documents in Sandy and forgot about 2 part timers. I got my hands on a social security document that showed my job history and they were both listed. I just emailed Linda to see if it would be an issue. I hope it’s not a problem.
  6. Ah me too. Congrats. Hopefully I will hear something soon.
  7. Anyone from October test get an email yet?
  8. I have 8 definitions that I need to clean up a little but otherwise I know it pretty good.
  9. So they ask you all 73 definitions and all signals on the exam?
  10. How many signals and how many definitions
  11. Do indications need to be verbatim as well?
  12. What is the format for the S&D exam? How many signals are on the test and how many definitions?
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