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  1. Okay, I understand that I made a complaint that is stupid, but this is my opinion, and I can definitely understand that the MTA will not do anything about it.
  2. When I was at least 3 years old, I remember riding the 1997 New Flyer D60HF #1024 on the M102, back when the 100th Street Depot was reopened. I was on the bus, when all of a sudden, I hear an voice from the speakers about priority seating. At first I thought it was the bus operator, but then later on, I discovered that those were PSA announcements. To this day, I heard the female voice, in which I don't know who provided that PSA, and it still being used on all buses as an alternative PSA. When the newer and worst Orion VII NG Hybrids came along, I heard new things about the voices. Firstly, it was the first order to feature the all new "Please Exit Through The Rear Door", voice when the Stop Requested button was pressed, or the yellow cord was pulled. And secondly, they had all new PSAs done by two male voices and one female voice who also provided both "Thanking for riding the MTA", and a violation of assaulting an bus operator. It seems pretty amazing to hear these new voices, especially the Vapor CLASS door systems voice. However, in the beginning of 2018, with the change from Ladies and Gentlemen, to more gender neutral announcements, the voices had an impact on the buses as well. The biggest complaint that I had with the change, is that most of the original PSAs were either redone by a new male voice, or a new female voice. The male voice is especially annoying because for some weird reason, he provided the priority seating PSA, even though the old PSA recording was still there, playing it occasionally, and also replaced the female voice that explained the violation for assaulting an bus operator. I understand these changes, and it appeals to more of an gender neutral change for everyone to understand, but it makes wonder, how much changes can the MTA do in the 2020s. Also, the on-board announcements, can be a bit lazy, since that it's done by a Text to Speech Siri for buses that have On-Board Displays. So that it all for this question.
  3. I wasn't knowing about this, since the video came in today. My apologies sir.
  4. According to this video, 4950 will arrive at MJQ in a few hours. Source of this video and special thanks to King Auto & Xcelsior, and Mystical. This unit will either do tests, or start SBS duties on the M14.
  5. Well, it's official. Novabus made a fully electric, long range version of the original LFSe. Known as the LFSe+, this bus is capable of a range between 211 and 292 Miles before needing a charge. Unlike the LFSe which was powered by the TM4 Sumo HD motors, the LFSe+ will instead have BAE Systems in place. I think there's a slight possibly that the MTA will test out the LFSe+ in the 2020 decade. Here's the link to the LFSe+: https://www.metro-magazine.com/zero-emissions/news/735949/nova-bus-launches-new-fully-electric-lfse
  6. I'm not too sure. It may not happen, unless the MTA knows about this issue, and starts the process of refitting all the XD60s.
  7. I can understand of why the HVACs are more heavy than the 2016-17 order, but I think the MTA should at least keep the specs from the 2016-17 order as it is. Overpowering the HVACs, and making it heavy, can have massive issues, i.e. engine breakdown, Also, for the Thermo Kings on the XD60s, if riders heard that the bus whines when the AC is on, it should be noted that the compressors are the key points of the whine. Honestly, I don't like it that much, but I think the MTA in the future, should test out the Moblie Climate Control, or the all new Sutrak ACE HVACs for their next articulated order. But I will admit that the 2917-19 XD40s with Thermo Kings are better than the XD60s in my opinion. Overall, the MTA should consider testing out new HVACs for other buses.
  8. 12 years? It seems pretty early to retire buses like that. Some companies retired their buses in the 15-20 year mark, or rarely more. However, most companies due retire their buses at the 12 year mark, so they can make room for newer, and better efficient buses, or retiring them for unknown reasons. The MTA should at least retire buses at the 18 year mark, similar to their 1998-99 Orion Vs. However, this is just my opinion though.
  9. That's very good news. I knew the MTA decided to preserve the D60s after all.
  10. Interesting. I could've sworn a NG has YU stickers on a MV unit.
  11. Weird. 4040 still has Yukon stickers on it, and you said it was assigned to MV? Maybe they didn't have the chance to switch stickers.
  12. 4040 was on loan at MV from YU this morning on the M98.
  13. Thanks for the info. I forgot that the M35 operates at Quill.
  14. 6096 heading back from MQ to possibly CS. I saw it when I was heading back home.
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