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  1. In my area as of 4PM, the artics are now going back to OH, and now there are going to use their own NGs, and loaning buses from MV, instead of FP.
  2. I can understand. In November, I rode 3358 on the BM5. When we were nearly at the highway, I heard a clunk on the tandem axles. We waited for 15 minutes before 3156 arrived to fill-in for that unit. It was my first time hearing an mechanical failure during my ride home. But hey, these CLs have some power left on them, and I can see why these 02s are retiring after 19-20 years in service, thus concluding the Detroit Diesel era for the MTA.
  3. For these 2002s at CP, which route is the common to find these buses, and which time does these buses appear? I know they can appear randomly, especially on different schedules.
  4. Interesting. For whatever reason, the MTA only installed the Luminators from 570-658, nearly close to 90 buses, yet they didn't have the time to refit them on the rest of the C40s that didn't feature on-board screens. For what I can gather, the MTA is not using the Luminator set-up on the newer buses being delivered, instead using Vianova, and Clever Devices. It's a possibility that they will never put Luminators on the new fleet beyond 2020. I hope the MTA can refit the 2016-17 XD60s with the Luminator system, but it may not happen anytime soon.
  5. I think this might fit for a topic on announcements. On Wednesday, I took an ride on 614 on the Q25. And I noticed an different TTS used on these buses. I looked at the announcement rosters for the bus that is used, and sure enough it was a Luminator. For what I can tell, the Luminator version sounds more natural for Text-To-Speech, than the Clever Device/ViaNova ones. I wonder why the MTA didn't add the Luminator ones on the other C40LFs, or the other buses like the LFS? And also, just last week, I took an ride on Westchester's buses, and their announcements are realistic. So it made sense that the Bee-Line can do announcements right, while the MTA can cut corner when it comes to announcements. If I have to choose which announcement system the MTA should use more often, then the Luminator is the way to go.
  6. I knew I may jumping the gun, and the assignments are subjected to change, but I calculated on what will the new order replace, displace, or for fleet expansion. Here's the following: LFS HEV: 25 to Kingsbridge (To Displace 25 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus) 20 (Option) to Gun Hill (To Displace 20 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus), 58 (94 Options=152) to Manhattanville (To Replace all 2006 Orion VII HEVs, and all 2008 Orion VII NG HEVs, and to displace most 2009 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus) 62 (12 Options=74) to Michael J. Quill (To Replace all 2006 Orion VII HEVs, and all 2008 Orion VII NG HEVs, and to displace some 2009 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus) 20 to Tuskegee Airmen (100th Street) (To Replace all 2008 Orion VII NG HEVs) XDE40: 25 to East New York (To Displace 25 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus) 15 to Manhattanville (To Displace 15 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus) 45 to Mother Clara Hale (To Replace all 2006 Orion VII HEVs, and some 2008 Orion VII NG HEVs) 25 to Casey Stengel (To Displace 25 2009 Orion VII HEVs to Bus) X-345: 8 to Baisley Park (To Replace all D4500CLs) 82 to College Point (To Replace all 2001-02 D4500s and most of the D4500CLs) 48 to Eastchester (To Replace the two remaining 2002 D4500s, and most of the D4500CLs) 23 to JFK/Far Rockaway (To Replace 23 D4500CLs) 22 to LGA (To Replace 22 D4500CLs) 45 to Spring Creek (To Replace almost all D4500CLs) 39 to Yonkers (To Replace 39 D4500CLs) Option order not accepted, but 1300-1349 are rumored for assignment for Meredith to displace most of the 2011 or 2015-16 Prevosts to Bus for replacement) LFS Diesel Option: 69 to East New York (To Displace all remaining 2009 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus) 50 to Casey Stengel (To Displace all remaining 2009-10 Orion VII NG HEVs to Bus) 20 to Jamaica (For possible fleet expansion) 50 to Queens Village (To Replace all 2007 Orion VII HEVs) 20 to Castleton (For possible fleet expansion) I understand that this is subjected to change and the reasoning for assignment for the new orders may or may not happen, but these are my possibilities on what will happen when these new orders are assigned to the following depots. Also I am not sure if most of the 2009-10 Orion VII NG HEVs would be transferred to Bus, but we will have to wait and see.
  7. Thanks for the info, but I do have two things. One is that I may ride on the 2001-02 D4500s at CP one last time next week before the Prevost delivery starts next month. And secondly, I'm guessing that the will not takeover Academy's X23/X24 service?
  8. Oh. My apologizes sir. I was anxious to know about this information. Anyway, if the 2400s moving out of Meredith would've been true, then my guess would be that it would go to CP. Since that both CP and Meredith got 18 of the D4500s and 18 2400s respectively.
  9. Disclose it. I meant 50 buses in NYCT to go to Charleston only. Not sure if the MTA will get the option order of 23, and taking it to Yukon.
  10. I knew that College Point is going to get nearly 85 buses (Subject to change of course). I may ride on the Series 60 D4500s in the next two weeks or so, one last time before they go. And also, Meredith getting all 50 NYCT Prevosts is kind of ridiculous to me. I understand that it would displace the other buses to other depots in Staten Island, but I think the should use the original plan and take the 50 buses to Charleston and Yukon (Sourced from TTMG's Insider Guide).
  11. I'm not sure that I'm right, but both the LFS HEV and XDE40 orders have 4ONE Gemini seats. In addition, I counted on the amount of seats on both of the buses, and the LFS HEV has seats of 34, and possibly the XDE40s have either a seating of 37, or 39.

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