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  1. That's very good news. I knew the MTA decided to preserve the D60s after all.
  2. Interesting. I could've sworn a NG has YU stickers on a MV unit.
  3. Weird. 4040 still has Yukon stickers on it, and you said it was assigned to MV? Maybe they didn't have the chance to switch stickers.
  4. 4040 was on loan at MV from YU this morning on the M98.
  5. Thanks for the info. I forgot that the M35 operates at Quill.
  6. 6096 heading back from MQ to possibly CS. I saw it when I was heading back home.
  7. I know this isn't the contrary, but will the MTA preserve the RTS with ZFs? I doubt it will happen.
  8. I was surprised to hear that. Another thing is that they never preserved one D60 in the museum fleet, due to it being popular for it's large capacity and being used in The Bronx and Manhattan.
  9. I got a question? The NYCT purchase the DesignLine EcoSaver IV in 2009, as part of their BTE. These were mainly tested in MJQ and MV. They were originally supposed to be powered by the Capstone C30 Microturbines, and yes, these buses were powered by Microturbines, instead of a standard diesel engine. But they decided to use the powerful Capstone C65 Microturbines instead. I know there were withdrawn in 2011 and returned to Designline due to major issues, including the Microturbines. So I was wondering, with DesignLine being now known as Environmental Performance Vehicles Corp or EPV Corp. in 2014, will the MTA test out these buses again, since that technology is now becoming more advanced, and maybe give EPV another chance on the EcoSavers, or their other buses like the EcoCoach or the EcoSmart?
  10. Seems weird, but since that more than 80 XD60s are in SBS duties, it will make sense that the LFS-A should push the XD60s from MQ to OH. However, this is just my opinion.
  11. I got a question after what happened this month. I know this is too early, but will the LFS-A assignment for MQ, 5567-5602, either replace the XD60s for SBS duties, or will it stick to the plan, and be used for the train shuttle?
  12. A 99 RTS preserved? Now I'm excited for another RTS to be preserved, just like 8971. I wonder if one of the 2002-04 D60HFs may get preserved as well.

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