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  1. its very rare that they send you a letter 90% of the time they will email or call.. when you call them just ask when is the next OA class and that the date you will attend the class.. so a couple of days before that date you will recieve an email to go down for the medical.
  2. Markguy dont worry your good to go the only reason you havent got called is because the sept 17 class was full and your drug test didnt come in ontime for them to sched a medical.. the next class is 2 weeks from today which is oct 1 but its not a gauranteed date yet they usually make it official about a week and days before the date of the class.. when the make the oct 1 date official you will get an email or call to go for medical and that same day they will give you your class date.. dont worry your good to go.
  3. Sometimes they make you do drug test twice if a certain amount of time pass i thing 2 months
  4. So just wait till you get the email and pass the medical to give your 2weeks
  5. Did they give you a class date .. make sure you do your medical before giving your 2 weeks
  6. How come its so low he shouldve got called 2 years ago .. i got a friend in the 300s that is Almost going on his 3rd year.
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