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  1. Oh ok I gotcha. Yeah they frown upon people taking students while still on probation or a year in title. lol I understand the concept, my thing is if it’s your picked job and you do the run more than once a week, I don’t see the issue. Now if you’re Extra Extra and pick up a job on a line you’ve barely been on then I wouldn’t recommend it lol. Glad you made it through, keep it up, be safe and hope to see you out there!
  2. lol you posting students already?? lol let me find out you got a pick job!
  3. You might be right a lot of us had our seniority numbers go from 5k to 3k fast, lol prolly be able to pick in Nov.
  4. I’m in B division, if you’re able to pick A it might be different being that school car is shorter in the A division. You might post sooner than we did in the B division. Not sure you gotta ask someone from that division.
  5. From my schedule we didn't switch from the 7-3 (9-5 road days) until the 2 1/2 month mark. Yours might be different, you have to wait until they assign you your Division then the classes get split up.
  6. You will be assigned to work a line, with a conductor, in revenue service (with customers). So normally you're supposed to work the trips as the Conductor watches or assist you and critiques your operation. For T/Os we did just about every line in the system on different tours. Some operators will split the trips with you, so when you're not operating you can take notes on the line. The person you're assigned to work with that day then signs your posting papers at the end of the shift along with the dispatcher.
  7. I feel for you! I was getting sent to the Bronx all day when I was YX and then when I came out lol. I put in a vacancy bid and won a job, hopefully it last until I clear probation and then I don’t mind getting thrown back to the crew office lol at least I’ll be official and have days I can use!
  8. I feel you on this, I was thinking the same thing when I first got called and my mind was set on A division the whole way coming in! Then I got to the day I had to pick and after speaking with numerous friends who are current employees, they said listen, go with where you live, I live in South Brooklyn, choosing A would have been a disaster for me traveling! Yeah the material is “easier” to learn, but honestly a train is a train, whether it’s A or B division the material in the beginning will seem overwhelming because it’s a lot and it’s new to you. Just don’t let it frustrate you, if this is what you wanted to do, then it will click eventually and you’ll start having fun and anticipating the questions and scenarios as I did. I don’t think I would’ve been happy with my decision of going A division knowing I would’ve definitely had to be in the Bronx everyday and living in Brooklyn, I hate it now when I gotta start uptown on the A lol, but at least it’s not everyday! Everyone is different but go with the division that’s best suited for where you live!
  9. Just to shed some clarification on the dates for you all, starting days for the classes will be Mondays, however when you’re asked for your induction date, it will be that Sunday, since the week begins on Sunday’s. That’s why someone said July 14th, that’s the induction date, but your first day is July 15th. Hope that helps. Congrats to all the new hires, welcome to TA and good luck in school car!
  10. lol you’ll be fine. They ship overnight free of charge. They will come, until then wear the uniform as per the itinerary.
  11. It takes a couple days to update in the system try later this afternoon or tomorrow since you were sworn in on Friday.
  12. Something similar to this happened to someone else I know, make sure when you get an order like that, the conductor acknowledges whoever gave the order. Not being on the same page can cause you both to be downtown for no reason! The way they’re taught in school car, it’s like C/Rs versus T/Os instead of working together as it should be!
  13. Good luck hopefully you get cool trainers who give you some great knowledge! R68As are cool, just get the timing down and don’t have no fear with it, because that fear will turn to doubt and then bam something happens, other than that posting is gonna be a breeze!
  14. I understand all that, but again I gotta play devil advocate and say that some of those things; schedule, radio use, reading GOs/Supplements, lingo (some of which they tell you in school car not to use lol) can come easy if you held a job in the transportation field, not just being a conductor. Only reason I seem like I’m going back and forth is because I’ve seen first hand conductor’s go back, get forced back, really struggle in the classroom and I feel like the title has nothing to do with it. Yeah it’s a little helpful, but if you hate having ya schedule changed and being sent uptown all the time and live in Brooklyn, coming from the middle isn’t going to “help” make it easier lol. Again every situation is different, so I simply say to those who are on both list, go with what makes you comfortable and with what you know you skill set can handle.

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