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  1. That is the number for Dual Employment. Tell them your situation. Also if you report April 1, 2019 they will ask you if you plan on working at another job, there is a form you fill out so you can wait if you want. School car for me as a T/O was Mon-Fri. Only time we worked on a Sunday was due to Thanksgiving holiday. There was another class that had to take their practical on Saturday also, so bear that in mind. I’m not sure if it’s the same for C/Rs. And to the person asking about the uniform, the green paper you received tells you the color of shirt and pants to wear until you receive your uniform in the mail.
  2. If you didn’t hand in your homework yet just wait until you go back to turn it in and let them know, they will give you the paperwork. Matter fact just call (718) 694-3798 because I’m not sure where you are in the process, good luck.
  3. Oh yeah you can and will get the OT! I’m not sure for conductors but as T/O during school car we didn’t get OT straight 40. Once YX started though, working an RDO and doing late clears was regular!
  4. Well that depends on a few things. I’ve been on the job and have heard them call on the radio for any C/Rs who want to stay for late clears for certain times! I’ve also been at the terminal and heard the dispatchers asking if any C/Rs want to stay for extra trips. The lines might not be to your liking! I’m assuming you want to make money so you wont mind working any line. If you want to make money you certainly can! For late clears you get paid their weird version of time and a half, example if you get 4 hrs of OT, you get paid those hrs at straight pay then 2 bonus hrs at half pay to make your time and a half.
  5. He uses the short limb along with his good arm.
  6. It’s preferred you to take the road practical on a R68A, but he definitely can operate all the 2-handed equipment! There were allegedly 4 Superintendents when he was taking his practicals and he climbed up and did his thing!
  7. Yeah I don’t listen to these crew room lawyers! These ppl just be talking to talk! Conductors are coming in, not heavy I believe like 30-40 an induction class, but they’re still coming in! I saw a class at 248 at the beginning of the month doing their track safety.
  8. There are a lot of conductor classes!! My last week of YX I saw a TSS and he said he was having a new conductor class starting the following day! If there is a freeze or isn’t again just stay up to date with Ms Vargas and here, I’m sure we’ll get word of the next T/O class once someone’s called!
  9. Passed the second signal test yesterday and did my thing on the YX, a lot of ppl ain’t take it serious because it doesn’t technically count towards you, however do remember all of you in classes now, that test still goes in your file! Also it’s like a temperature check for the final exam! Next up is road operations for 2 weeks then road posting!!! Can’t wait to get out there and get better with these station stops and seeing all the lines!
  10. You don’t have to call, they know your test is going to expire! They will call you to take another test when ready! My test expired during my process and I was called to take another one, it’s nothing serious.
  11. Congrats to you and Medford! Continue to stay in them books cause when you go yard posting you’ll be evaluated by a TSS and depending on who you get it can be quick and smooth or a long process with a whole bunch of questions trying to trip you up! Door cut, trouble shooting, circuit breakers, all that!
  12. I agree, you guys have to realize also, this test usually takes minimum four years to get called back for! Again this forum is very helpful for everyone, but posting the same upset comments isn't going to get you called back first hand! I myself went through this at first after thinking I was going to be called after doing my first P/E in May and then getting frustrated at my current job, I was fuming. What I did was stayed on here, calculated by the numbers and waited, I projected a September start and it happened. Now we all know about the hiring freeze, I was told that it really has to do with the amount of TSS's available for classes, not so much the freeze! They just don't have enough available for the amount of people being hired. Now I was told by a fellow T/O yesterday that a TSS told him the next class will be in May. I am not sure how accurate this is being that others have stated March, however this TSS has been with TA for 20 years and he was also the one who told us last year that TA wouldn't have an October class. Do remember these TSS's also have Conductor classes, I remember going for my first signal test and midterm and there was an induction class there for C/Os and well as one that came in the month before! Just be patient and know your time is coming!
  13. Wait until you gotta do the week of yard familiarization smh lol more walking and talking! Hopefully the weather is better!
  14. Yes no news is good news. I took my first PE in May of 2018. I didn't get called back until Sept for the second PE and then days later they told me to come in for the medical to be considered for a class starting in 2 weeks! You're fine if you know you don't smoke or anything and your paperwork was accurate! They will contact you once they get up to your number!
  15. Good luck to y’all!! The temperature is definitely better than it was on them teen days!! Just remember after first 180 recharge and head back down, don’t touch any hand brakes, lol, ya will be fine!!!

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