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  1. lol for real there’s many factors as to why preferences don’t get honored, that’s something that we all should expect starting at the bottom of the seniority list!
  2. Yeah the equipment should be easy to get used to, don’t know your tour but them 32s definitely are annoying for C/Rs especially on the midnights smh! I know you’ll be fine overall tho, gotta think positive down here!
  3. Don’t be it’s not that bad, lol just gotta get used to the new attitudes you’re gonna have to experience but I don’t think the operation is big difference.
  4. Don’t want to get any hopes up, but I just left 180 Livingston and I overheard a guy who took his pass picture being told orientation is October 7th. I’m a T/O so I posted here, hopefully someone on the forum got the call as well!!
  5. There was a class Monday August 19. Go back a couple pages and you will find members who posted their list number and which PE they completed. Also a couple ppl from the August 19 class put their list # up.
  6. lol this like the fourth time someone mentioned this bathroom thing. Let’s think about this, is it the union reps or management using our bathrooms and leaving them in these conditions? No! It’s our coworkers, seriously that’s the last thing I’m worried about because no matter what we gotta hold each other accountable and we’re the ones that keep them in that condition, no matter how many times they’re cleaned. Trust, you ain’t gonna be worried about no dirty urinals when you at the simulator or 248 taking those exams, it’s not that deep!
  7. Good luck with that lol. It’s never going to be always perfect, however, if you and your partner communicate things can be a lot easier! A lot of the outdoor stations are longer, so you can pass the board and still be abreast of the platform and be able to open. Now that’s on you if you want to call it in or not. More than likely the T/O will give you 2 buzzers and hit you on the IC but again if you don’t want to open up communicate that, then contact control. But again nothing down here is perfect so don’t expect that coming into the job!
  8. lol you’re bugging if you think being late or not having your books in school car is petty. It’s told that you cannot be late during school car, after your second lateness you go down for “counseling” then if you’re late again it’s over. Honestly if you’re late and it’s because of transit, you’re covered, that’s why they give us a pass to get to and from work. Now if you decide to drive and are late, that’s on you! Again while on probation you’re told you must have your rulebook on you at all times, when you go to PS 248 they want the induction book as well. I’m not saying things are all peachy down here, but again you used 2 examples of rules that are enforced from day one! Also this one incident and you’re gone nonsense is not true, unless it’s something crazy like putting your hands on a customer, while in school car any operational incident gets kicked back to that department and you get retrained. Again this is minor operational infractions. How bout ppl just know and do their jobs, of course things happen, if it does, call it in and take responsibility instead of listening to these crew room lawyers trying to get you to lie and cover things up smh.
  9. Yeah like what @Jay-Oh said I wouldn’t try to look too much into the signals right now. I was guilt of that also and was stressing out, lol, but once I got to school car and the TSS explained it thoroughly, it all made sense. My advice would be study the first 3 chapters and you’ll be fine!
  10. You’re gonna be fine man!! Don’t let anyone cloud your mind with negativity about the job! Of course it’s not perfect, but the probation thing isn’t bad, I started last year and will be done with probation next month. Had one incident, didn’t let it bother me, just get your rest because a lot of things happen from fatigue, before you know it the year will be up! Make sure you look out for all promotion exams!! Good luck hopefully we’ll work together if you’re in B division!!
  11. I hear what you saying, I definitely encountered a few of those type of C/Rs, but honestly it’s how the person is! I’ve also encountered cool ass C/Rs. As a T/O you gotta understand also if something happens and the C/R isn’t with it, you can’t be mad. It is what it is! You can’t expect someone to jeopardize their job if shyt hits the fan! That’s my opinion, everyone is different but I definitely have worked with some probie C/Rs who have been mad cool, shyt cooler than a couple of the old heads!
  12. Congrats on making it! I doubt they are gonna be done, a lot of ppl recently retired, moved up in title, so they’re not gonna just stop, they were already short staffed to begin with!
  13. "gray is not even anything remotely close to what operators wear lol. Get a short/long sleeve white buttoned shirt with vertical lines spaced closely together like 2 cm. This might be too niche to find so the easier alternative is a long sleeve dark navy blue shirt, $5 from modell's you can buy a russell athletic. If you can get this with a turtleneck, even better." lol am I bugging? The gray shirt is for when you first start until you get your uniform.
  14. Lol the A isn’t “easier.” It’s less equipment to learn, but a train is a train honestly. You want to be in the division that best suits you for travel! Trust and believe when you’re at the mercy of the crew office and gotta be midnights starting in the Bronx all the time and don’t live there lol you’re gonna regret it.
  15. Yeah you’re bugging with that @nipaaaa! They tell you wear gray, why would you suggest they wear something else? All the instructions were clearly stated on the green paper we're all given when sworn in! Don’t go in there looking like you can’t follow instructions or don’t care to read the information you’re given! Not a good way to start off!
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