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  1. Good luck hopefully you get cool trainers who give you some great knowledge! R68As are cool, just get the timing down and don’t have no fear with it, because that fear will turn to doubt and then bam something happens, other than that posting is gonna be a breeze!
  2. I understand all that, but again I gotta play devil advocate and say that some of those things; schedule, radio use, reading GOs/Supplements, lingo (some of which they tell you in school car not to use lol) can come easy if you held a job in the transportation field, not just being a conductor. Only reason I seem like I’m going back and forth is because I’ve seen first hand conductor’s go back, get forced back, really struggle in the classroom and I feel like the title has nothing to do with it. Yeah it’s a little helpful, but if you hate having ya schedule changed and being sent uptown all the time and live in Brooklyn, coming from the middle isn’t going to “help” make it easier lol. Again every situation is different, so I simply say to those who are on both list, go with what makes you comfortable and with what you know you skill set can handle.
  3. Well then you should go with what you're comfortable with. Like I said to @Schecter go with what you think your skill set is. Again you still have to pass the conductor school car quizzes and test as well. Good luck to you all!
  4. Yeah go with what you think you will be comfort with. The material isn’t as difficult as they make it seem as long as you apply yourself.
  5. This is subject to opinion, to me. The only good thing about being promotional is that if you fail or it’s not for you, you can go back to prior title! But in terms of operation and signals, I honestly don’t think being a conductor means anything compared to being open competitive (I hate that off the street term). I seen a conductor barely make it through the mid-term, then there was the conductor that split the switches in CIY, just put in the time studying and ask questions if you don’t get something! If the job is for you, it’s for you, if not, it will show!
  6. Nah I’m B division, it’s not bad at all now, I don’t drive so school car got me ready for all the bouncing around, it’s pretty much normal now to start on board at in the Bronx, pick up a job in queens, clear somewhere different lol.
  7. lol yeah this isn’t an exaggeration! Again they tell you at orientation, this job is 24/7 365, seniority based. If you think it’s a game, it’s not, I live in Brooklyn and spent most of my YX in the Bronx. You’re at the discretion of the crew office, so be prepared to be sent all over the division on any tour! You’ll get used to it by the time you come out and if you get lucky enough you might be able to get a job during the vacancy bid, if not, extra extra list it will be.
  8. Yeah they make you submit one and they give you a packet to go home with which has work history on there as well as a few other things.
  9. I’m not sure if they finished or not, I don’t work in HR, but if the request was put in at the beginning of May, they couldn’t have gotten through it already. There’s a dude in my induction class that told us he was told to come in for P/E and to stand by because someone might drop out the class, literally the Friday before we started he was sworn in. So you never know what can happen. My class had 71 ppl to start, maybe 72, but when we got down to the school it was 70. Not sure how the class sizes after mine were, haven’t heard much from about the classes, but again, just keep up with the number count called and hang in there! Your number will be called, hopefully sooner than later!
  10. If I were you I’d scroll back a couple pages, to check for the P/E dates. Honestly they might not answer if they’re having P/Es to fill that class for next month. Either go tomorrow or Monday because I know Monday definitely is a P/E someone in here mentioned. I would bring high school diploma, passport and/or drivers license, resume, just in case you don’t remember jobs off the top of your head and also that approved appeal letter.
  11. That’s not really the case, if they sent out an order for 225 T/Os more than likely it will be split up in multiple classes. Apparently the April 29th class had only 25 ppl, which might have been the last round up of one of those 200+ request. They didn’t have enough TSSs to teach the classes which is why it slowed up. remember the training for B division T/Os is 9 months, C/R is just 6 weeks. Again just be ready when they call, get your job and resident history together and that will help your process go smoother!! If I were you I would go to 180 Livingston during one of the P/Es and let them know you might have missed the call, letter, email and you never know they might process you then and there! Wouldn’t hurt!
  12. Yeah it’s not bad at all, I actually wouldn’t have cared if I didn’t get awarded a job, I just did it to see if I would get one, the bid already started so our class didn’t get to put in a preference sheet, so I was stuck with middle of the week days off lol.
  13. Yeah got awarded a job from the vacancy bid, a couple of my classmates won jobs also, being on board is good OT, but being sent all over the place can get demanding, I’m glad I got the job, hopefully it’ll last through my probation, then I’ll go back extra extra list!
  14. Yeah I hear you, not sure how they know but when I went in for P/E there were a few ppl who thought the parking tickets didn’t matter, but the HR rep there said if you have any tickets open today, you will not be allowed to proceed, best believe phones came out and they were paid on the spot lol. Thanks...💪🏽💪🏽 Yeah get it sorted, you don’t want to delay the process, I almost deferred myself, but thank God I didn’t. I got released to the crew office two days after the road practical. Tues/Weds off, working PMs, can’t lie it’s not really that rough! We were already warned about the schedules, honestly, you will hear this a lot, but the hardest part really is getting to work lol. I like the job a lot, everyday you learn something new and every station stop is like you’re taking your practical. The money is good also lol, stay in your books, learn your job and everything will come together with time!
  15. lol hello they run a background check. If you lie on any part of that paperwork, for any TA job and they catch it, you will get fired even if you already started! That is a fact, there’s no reason to lie, they do not care about your driving record, I’m telling you from experience, license just has to be valid, I was scared of the same thing. Again these things have been addressed over and over in the thread, but if you want to mess up an opportunity for something silly go right ahead.

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