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  1. I should've clarified, I always see it when it's not in service
  2. I'm seeing 577 every day on my commute via the Sprain. Such a lovely sight in the morning.
  3. I think if there was a reserve, it'd at least state so. Maybe some people are waiting 'till the last minutes but I doubt it'd be a lot of bidders regardless.
  4. Auction is up for the 17 of the Neoplan artics. Photos and information provided in the description of each listing. https://www.aarbids.com/servlet/Search.do?auctionId=3230
  5. Today I saw 357 on the 60 and 359 on the 42. They're coming in quick.
  6. Thank you for all of the info. I'm excited and hopeful to see a full New Flyer fleet soon for Bee-Line
  7. So they are seriously considering downsizing for the new fleet, then? I would've thought they would just go for the XDE40.
  8. Thanks for starting this new thread and providing updates. So bittersweet to see the Neoplans go.. I'll start with a question, though, not sure if anyone here will be able to answer clearly since we're not even done with the new articulated fleet yet. When could we expect to hear about the plans to replace the Orion V fleet? I'm assuming they may opt for New Flyer models to replace them as well.
  9. Anyone know which # went to the WMTA? Where are the rest going?
  10. I don't think they would work well in our area. Novas have that weird "chin" due to where the front axle is placed and we have some pretty crazy hills around here.
  11. I'm guessing we'll see them on the 60? I hope to see them while on my break soon if so!
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