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  1. When transit is getting ready to have a class they will send out notifications to your depots management to review your file to see if you meet the criteria for a promotion. They check attendance, disciplinary action, awol, etc. If you’re good management approves it and sends it back. Then you wait for another notice to report for medical. Feb 8th isn’t a definite.
  2. My file got pulled. I head first class is February 8th.
  3. Not yet. It looks like they’re getting ready to start.
  4. DCAS is now saying I am currently on an “outstanding certification.”
  5. Just to be clear When I say “thrown out” it means everyone got credit for them. Of course if you had got them correct to begin with it doesn’t change your score any. I just noticed 4700 is no longer on here. I can’t find it anymore. https://data.cityofnewyork.us/widgets/vx8i-nprf lastly the list finally hit the chief https://thechiefleader.com/lists/dispatcher-surface-transportation-promotion-list-established/article_65d47c64-399b-11eb-89fd-d79c62b253aa.html
  6. I emailed them a month ago asking for the final answer key and they just sent it to me today. All 3 questions were from the first part (abilities section)
  7. They threw out 2 questions from the first 7 and allowed 2 answer for one other question in the first part.
  8. I got a call text and email from transit on Monday 11/16 letting me know the list was established, my list number, and notices by mail should be received in 10 days.
  9. I heard people who failed got a letter that they failed, their score, and their ability to appeal it within 30 days by mail. Shouldn’t this have been done before the list is established? Anyone familiar with this process?
  10. Call DCAS 212 669 1357 option 2 type in social security number and exam 8702. Right now it just tells you your list and score but once they start calling people they will let you know the last list number hired.
  11. It’s like that because they exhausted the list even before it expired. For example 4600 had a list of 8221 people. The last person hired from that list was 8220. So there are no more Eligible candidates to call. the list is done and they moved on to the next one 7612. My guess is they exhausted that one as well and is currently on. 9604. I guess it’ still shows because it isnt expired. They aren’t calling from all 3. I know this because I know someone who took 4600 and I called and listened to the automated information from dcas on 4600.
  12. They can’t have two list for the same position. It’s not possible. 4700 will be dead. Most likely it’s because 8702 hasn’t been certified yet so it just shows 4700 extended until they do. I’ve spoken with MTA exams multiple times and each time they assured me that they don’t plan on extending 4700. Taken From https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dcas/reports/personnel-rules-regulations-rule-4.page “Unless otherwise provided, an eligible list which has been in existence for one year or more shall terminate upon the establishment of an appropriate subsequent like list for the same title.”
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