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  1. I’ve spoken with Transits Exam unit Multiple times and each time they assured me that 8702 isn’t getting thrown out and they plan on hiring from it. They even told me they were going to send out that pass or fail notification 4 days before it went out. If they were going to throw it out why would they waste their time and resources telling everyone if they passed or failed.
  2. People still making up those lies. It’s not getting thrown out.
  3. Hopefully thats true. That 80 will go down once you take out the people that are disqualified due to attendance/ discipline, already promoted off 4700, and even those that turn it down. Its not a curve. The test is weighted. They grade the 1st part and multiply your score by its weight. They then do the same thing for the second part and add the two. That plus your seniority is your score. Once a list is established we can get the final answer key and that will probably show which questions were tossed.
  4. You got till the 24th to decide if you want to take the next one. I think the whole reason transit sent out the notification on pass or fail is so you can decide because they knew a list wouldn’t be out before the filing for the new test.
  5. List Numbers haven't gone out yet. MTA Exams unit told me that transit makes the test, gives them and grades them, but DCAS still makes an official list and maintains it. So I would call both MTA exams unit and DCAS to make sure they both have your updated information just to be on safe side.
  6. I’ve been told from multiple sources that you can’t have more than 7 sick instances in the past 3 years.
  7. Did you think you failed because you know how many you got wrong or just guessing you didn’t do well?
  8. I haven't heard anything. Although, I'm not surprised. Did they happen to say when or if a list was going to be created?
  9. I'm all for taking legal action if they want to throw out 8702, but not so much because of the money. It would be unfair for them to throw out 8702 and give a new test. They would be completely skipping over those who legitimately passed 8702 as it stands without any questions being thrown out. If this happened someone who did worse than me on 8702 would have the possibility of doing better on the new test and being ahead of me when I should be given a chance at promotion first.
  10. I called the MTA exams unit yesterday. I asked if they plan on hiring off of 8702. She said of course they do. I all so asked if the test was thrown out would we receive a notification? She said it's not getting thrown out, thats a lie. Another operator all so contacted them and again no word on a cancellation. As of right now, I have not heard from a reliable source that the test is definitely getting thrown out. Most of the time you hear it from guy/gals who failed so they're hopeful the test gets thrown out. I'm not sure of any legal action we can take. If anyone hears any solid information from a reliable source please lets us know.
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