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  1. Hey guys just wanted to give you and update. I start my traning at Zerega Dec 10th. So happy but very nervous. Hope this goes well for me. Exam 7300. Does anyone know what happens on the 1st day?
  2. They called me in May. I just had to clear some things. Hopefully they call you soon.
  3. Hey guys so I was called in Thursday to go in on Monday for a drug test. Exam 7300. Does anyone know how long it takes?
  4. I wasn't denied the job I just needed to wait for the hearing and now that I everything's cleared There Is No Vacancy so I now I need to wait. They told me that they will call me once there's an opening
  5. Just a heads up I have taken the exam 7300 with a list number of 343 I had some issues when I was called in for pre employment. I resolved the issue. I called them and they keep telling me they don't have any vacancy.
  6. Hello, yes I did call and they told me that there's No Vacancy right now. So I have to wait they will notify me with a call or mail.I just hope that I didn't lose my chance on this job.
  7. Hello I was called in June 2018 for preemployment process but unfortunately I had a pending cell phone ticket for August so they pushed me back now it's all clear and now I'm just waiting for a call back. Does anyone know how long it takes for them to call back? List# 3××
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