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  1. What a minute? We are still able to get hired off this expired list? I too do not have the CDL requirement...am I still able to possibly get hired still? I but this exam off to the last minute...just curious if i can still make a move and get hired now
  2. Has MTA been hiring off 4600 lately? Any word on a possible extention of this list due to Covid?
  3. Is there still time to get the CDL, restore my name on 4600 and be called before the exam expires January 2020? Thanks
  4. Anyone recommend Red Hook on the Road for the CDL training? Its free if you are unemployed. Anyone have experience with this school?
  5. Curious, what would cause someone who is otherwise qualified, to not get the job? Granted this is a Bus Operator position, i did not think there would be much requirements besides a CDL, clean drivers license and not having any felonies on your name.
  6. Awesomee lots of great info in these replies. Much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the help... I have some questions about the job if you or anyone else does not mind assisting,.. 1) whats the pay like every 2 weeks AFTER taxes for both first year and top pay bus operators? Ive tried researching this on google and I get very vague results. Id like to know what it is after taxes for both 1st year and top pay so I can see if the salary suits me as of right now... 2) do most operators enjoy their jobs? Ive researched this and surprisingly this is considered a very stressful career. I don't understand? I personally see driving in general as enjoyable, just drive, assist passengers as you should and that's it. I understand the customers can be very pesky at times, but cant operators just ignore it and not let it get to them? Customer service is a reality of ALL jobs, we just cant let it get to us. Personally, I see the job as enjoyable, hitting the road, and clearing your mind while doing your job. 3) How hard is it to learn the lines and how long does each trip typically last? Is it safe to safe that once you get your line, you just run that line over and over again until your shift is over? Is it possible to get a steady line and hold it for a few years? 4) what happens if an operator makes a mistake and misses a turn in his route and lets say he is unfamiliar with the area, what does the operator do in that regard? 5) how many days a week is an operator on and off? I believe it is 5 days on 2 days off a week if im not mistaken, and is it possible to use OT in time rather than pay? any detailed explanation would be great interms of scheduling and OT. 5 questions...I know it is a lot lol. But I am trying to making a big career decision here...I appreciate anyone who assists me!!!
  8. I tried calling the numbers and it appears no one is answering, i also emailed then just now and awaiting a response, hopefully in the next few days. I just wanted to know what my status was with MTA, before I go knees deep into a CDL cert program. I went to pre-employment in 2017, recieved my packet and never continued with the process after that and i did not let them know. Just checking to make sure i wasnt blacklisted from the list or anything.
  9. Thank you Young, i appreciate the speedy and detailed response. As long as they are still actively hiring off 4600 than that is good news. In the process of getting my CDL now, so that will take atleast a month or 2.
  10. Also, is there a number I can call to restore my name on the list and ask some questions regarding 4600. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, my list number is in the 3100's...i deferred my candidacy after i went to pre-employment sometime in 2017... Is it true if i restore my name to the list i may not make it before next year? MTA no longer hiring off 4600? This would be a true bummer.
  12. Hey guys I have another question, Where is the best place to go to learn and get a CDL for Bus Operator? I know Red Hook On The Road is a good place but that is only for the unemployed. Where are some good places that will train you for Bus Operator and help to obtain the CDL? Hopefully some that are free? Thanks again, you guys are doing a great service by helping others like me.
  13. Hey guys, list number in the low 3,000s. Some questions if you guys dont mind... I went to pre-employment last year and recieved my packet, however i did not fill it out since I was focused on finishing college...is it possible i can still fill this out and continue on with the process? Also, how much longer will this list be active before it expires? I am also interested in Train Operator, I understand that it is now only a promotional exam from Bus Operator, how often is this promotion given and how hard (or easy) is it to get the promotion? Thanks guys, i know this is a heavy post haha.
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