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  1. Yes, you have to do everything all over again. So be prepare.
  2. Yes, you have yo do every all over again. So be prepare.
  3. Went to 180 yesterday because I was on medical hold for the sleep apnea. I was told that my medical expired and that I will have to do everything all over again. I wish they would tell you that you 90 days to return or that you will have to do your medical all over again. I must say, that this is a very long journey for me.
  4. I did not know that. So do we reinstate then wait for them to call you and you take in the paper that MTA doctor give to you along with your doctor's clearance letter? By the time I am done with everything I'll probably be in an April class. Hehehehehe
  5. I think they are still calling. Classes have been going on every two weeks minus the upper post about Dec 9th cancellation class. I have no clue what number there up to.
  6. So even though you were put on medical hold, you still have to reinstate your name? I was given a paper to just drop in anytime after being cleared from my doctor.
  7. Why did they put you on medical hold if you don't mind me asking.
  8. Once you are cleared of everything else...you will make the 11/25 class.
  9. Are you cleared for the next class?
  10. Well you should have done qll your endorsements because once you have the endorsements and you pass your cdl road test, then you are good. If for ex, you have air, general and passengers which are the three requirements for MTA, then you pass yyour road test you, get your license. Then lets day you go back at a later date and add the school bus endorsements on after you already have your license, do you know you will have to take another road test. So have all your endorsements on by the time MTA call you. And as stated, your cdl permit is only valid for 6 months and you one additional renewal without taking the test again.
  11. Congratulations. I almost thought you got your letter staying that you pass. Since we will be getting notification sometime next year, if you're not going to go and try to get your CDL license now, don't stress yourself getting the permit because every year you will have to do the exam over and over until MTA call you. I would say wait until you get your letter stating that you pass, then go and try to get your permit.
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