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  1. They full of crap. I am 11** went about a month ago for pre-employment and my cdl permit had just expired thre day prior. I was told as normal get it snd call the 718# which I did. As of today, I am still waiting to hear back from them when to come in to finish pre-employment, drug test then wait another 5 months again before they call you back for the medical test.
  2. What is your list # might I ask.
  3. The same thing they told you the first time and the second time, 3 - 90 days. Some people were called more than 4 times in for drug tests.
  4. You been silent for a while so maybe they forgot about you.
  5. By now you did got called for the pre-employment right?
  6. Just walk with money and wait for then to ask. You can always go outside and purchase one since you are not 100% sure what you are going down there to do.
  7. Well I guess you have to wait and see when you get there then.
  8. Maybe you have to take the Boss examination.
  9. Both will call us just a matter of time.
  10. Was told to call Ms. Chestnut as she is handling this exam #. I tried calling twice that day, no answered. I was hoping since I was in the building I would have wanted to talk to her face to face but no answer and didn't know which floor/office she would be.

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