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  1. Hi, Which row on the Certificate List do we look to see if our name was restored back to the list? I was told that my name was restored back effective 7/1/19. However, I do not see anything. Am I checking the correct place from what you posted and enter either lastname or exam #? Thank you.
  2. We are staying on thread. The person was referring where they are up to and I was stating that I am not sure about that and explained why. Secondly, I am not pissed off. Whenever MTA decided to call me, they call me and my timing will be the right timing.
  3. Not sure what you are saying because my list number is 7** and still here waiting to hear from them. Ms. Chestnut claimed no hiring at this time and I asked her how come because I know people with higher listed number got processed. She said whatever. I don't know what to do. Calling her number will not make a difference if that's what she'll tell me again.
  4. 83 is a great score. Yes, I would to attend the Protest Review that is why I ask do they give the booklet.
  5. Oh so they give you the exam booklet. Kool, that means you got a great score.
  6. Question: the Protest Review day, do they reread the questions and give the correct answers. Or do they just read out the answers and if you question it you go up to them?
  7. Okay. I think the question was about a street direction and the compass. I did not see the compass to even looked at it.
  8. You will get call back pending on if you pass the second part, Boss. I think they may not call until maybe two years from now. But you stand great so far for a call back.
  9. Which # from the memorization you got wrong?
  10. Do you guys remembered how questions were for the memorization questions? I got #7 wrong and isn't sure if that was a memorization question.
  11. Yesss, I pray that all goes well for you.
  12. I just called the 212 # to confirmed that they received my emailed to have my name be reinstated to the list, which the system stated I am on the list. However, it follow up by saying that "I was not marked not qualified to certified from this eligible list and should received a letter....blah, blah, blah" Does this mean that 1 in 3 letter or just because my name was taken off that was the reason for the ineligible. Please let me know for those who had to restored their names.
  13. Lol see proof that they are calling whomever. But thanks a lot.
  14. 6 digits(no way)..or you mean 187 because if it was 187, then I am okay because your number is way lower than me. I am 11**

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