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  1. I would say it takes about 30 mins to an hour depending if there's delays on the nj transit to get to Penn from home. I can get to speonk in about 2 hours by car. Not sure if I'll make it to speonk within 3 hours by train though. It'll be cutting it close.
  2. Does anyone here live in NJ? Trying to see if it’s possible to commute from NJ or if I need to move. I live right off the bridges but still it takes some time to get to penn station.
  3. I will be starting classes 2/13 as well. I got the call from Linda 1/28. Went for the medical on 1/30. Cleared medical and background last Wednesday. I also asked Linda if I can take the next class instead of the 2/13 class. She did mention there will be a hiring freeze after this so I told her I'll be in the 2/13 class since who knows when I'll ever be called for the next class.
  4. How long does it take to receive the conditional offer letter after you receive an email saying you cleared medical?
  5. Keep me posted. Lmk what she says @Joeybats
  6. Thanks for the info @Two2Go. I'll add the 2 jobs and send the updated resume when she sends me the link for background.
  7. I passed the test last month and currently waiting for the background check link from Linda. I just noticed I left out 2 jobs I worked for 8 years ago on the resume. Worked at the 2 places for a month but got a w2 on. How should I go about this? I think I read @TomLirrAC saying he added the jobs on the job application on the sterling link? Please advise.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys. Really appreciate it. Got to finish up the index cards today and study my ass off.
  9. Got back from the overview today and started to make the index cards. My hands are about to fall off from all the writing. For those who passed the exam, did you study the definitions first or the signals? Just trying to get an idea of what to study first.
  10. Never been late in my life, I always have 2 alarms going just in case lol. Rizz- yeah man I think I remember you. I had a navy suit on too. So excited to be here! See you at the S&D overview, congrats!
  11. Just got email confirmation for S&D overview for 10-10 8:00 AM sharp at Hillside!
  12. Nothing yet. Still waiting for an email here as well. Hoping I hear something from HR this week.
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