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  1. A veteran MTA bus driver was yanked off the job Saturday for refusing to take mandatory drug and alcohol tests after the wild late-night wreck where his vehicle plunged 50 feet from an overpass onto the Cross Bronx Expressway, transit officials said. Driver Everton Beccan, 55, was officially ordered “withheld from service without pay” after the Thursday night crash where the Bronx bus with seven passengers aboard went front-end first off the overpass. The rear of the articulated bus remained precariously on the overpass above. “Refusal to take a drug test in this situation is grounds for immediate termination, but he has a right to due process,” an MTA official said Saturday. “This is just the beginning of that process.” MTA bus driver Everton Beccan, pictured, was officially ordered “withheld from service without pay” after the Thursday night crash where a Bronx bus with seven passengers aboard went front-end first off an overpass. Beccan passed a breath test for alcohol at the scene of the University Ave. crash in Highbridge, but then declined a second test for drugs and alcohol when taken to a local hospital, authorities said. https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-nyc-bus-driver-pulled-off-job-overpass-crash-20210116-7ooss7c6izb55ia22n6hn2elw4-story.html
  2. The driver of the MTA bus that plunged 50 feet off a highway overpass in the Bronx Thursday night has been withheld from service without pay after refusing to take a drug and alcohol test after arrival at the hospital, MTA officials say. The driver, an 11-year NYC transit veteran with a clean service record prior to this incident injured his jaw during the incident, during FDNY and NYPD first-responders say he helped passengers evacuate the bus. Officials say that he passed a breathalyzer test at the scene of the crash. MTA officials say that at around 11:05 p.m. Thursday, a BX35 bus was traveling Northbound on University Avenue at a speed between 17 and 26 miles per hour when it turned onto a ramp leading to the Cross Bronx Expressway. The bus passed the ramp by approximately 10 feet and crashed through the guard rail. The articulated bus (made of two sections and connected by a flexible joint) was left dangling 50-feet above the roadway below. MTA officials say that the bus would have had to be moving between 3 and 5 mph to safely make the turn. At least eight passengers were injured in the crash. The bus was last inspected on Wednesday, January 13th when it was found that it had no mechanical issues. The MTA is continuing its investigation into the cause of the incident.
  3. Is it me or these 2018 XD40 breaking down like crazy. This is the 2nd XD40 bus I've gone on that broke down. I was stuck on #7692 on the bx17 line for 11 minutes just a little while ago. The bus driver then lets us off the bus to wait for another bus. No one has a clue how to get the bus working. I also don't understand why XN40 #735 is still sounding like a garbage truck. I got on it to go to work this morning It's been a month that bus been sounding that way. Just wanting to share something today.
  4. Hey Orion6025, when you said never mind, did you forget to mention that 7792 was scrapped?
  5. I don't remember it being mentioned as scrapped. Sorry for the mistake and thanks for the correction. It wasn't shown as scrapped on the google sites.
  6. 7 Orions remain 145 (formerly 7685) 7792, 7815-7819
  7. Thanks for the correction MHV9218. They must of updated their website shortly after my post.
  8. When I put the active list it was 32 buses. They recently updated it again. So now it only shows 29. So this is the active list. You might wanna check for yourself. 7685, 7762-7763, 7766, 7770 7781, 7783, 7785-7786, 7788, 7791-7795, 7802-7805, 7809-7811, 7813-7819
  9. These are the only Orion left at West Farms. 7685, 7755, 7759, 7762-7763, 7766, 7769-7770, 7772, 7774 7781, 7783, 7785-7786, 7788, 7790-7797, 7802-7805, 7809-7819
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