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  1. Does anyone know if the hiring freeze that cancelled April's class is still in effect? I'm hoping it doesn't affect the class that's supposed to start in the Fall; I'm really looking forward to getting on board...
  2. Feb 12th is when I passed. So you heard nothing at ALL for 4 months? I don't mind the wait I just want to know if I'm in or out LOL.
  3. Has anyone who passed S&D on Feb 12th heard anything back? I want to start studying the new packet they gave out but I don't even know if I'm moving forward or if I got eliminated after the interview... I called last week and they told me not everyone who passed is guaranteed a spot, but no more info than that. Got me worried.
  4. I passed my S&D exam on the 12th but didn't feel great about how the interview went. I didn't too amazing answering the scenario questions. Got maybe 3 check marks out of 6 on each question. Should I be concerned about getting eliminated at this point in the game???
  5. Basically what happened was , last year I went for MTA bus operator. I went through the few days of training and did not pass the final driving test. Didnt get the job. I asked at the open house if I should put this down on my resume & application and was told I should not. Then, a few days before the November 9th S&D overview I get an email asking me to add it to my application & resume and send it back - but that I would not receive an invite to the S&D overview because of the delay. I wish I would have been asked to fix it sooner but as long as I'm still in the running I am happy. I just hope there are more S&D overviews coming up soon and wont have to wait several months longer now. Looks like as it is folks who are hitting all their milestones on time have a long waiting process ahead of them as it is so ... yeah just a little disheartened at having more time added to mine.
  6. Has anyone on here been delayed by work verification/paperwork discrepancies? Was contacted a few days before the Nov 9th S&D overview and was asked correct something on my paperwork. Was told due to the hold up I was not being invited to the overview. Pretty disappointed and hoping this will not be a huge set back... anyone know if there are more S&D overviews coming up in the near future?
  7. I have been told anyone who didn't make the cut after the open house would have received a letter weeks ago. Hope that helps bring some peace of mind!
  8. Has anyone who attended 9/21 open house received an email from HR yet?
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