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  1. So speaking from experience. They say that but if they do not give you a medical appt with in 3-4 days which is how long it usually takes if you are eligible right away to continue the process. When they call you back in you will be given a 2nd drug test.
  2. Drug test expires after 30 days. Application is 90 days
  3. now as a current supervisor at my job. holding meaning they are not paying you that week not that you are not entitled to it. its just an understanding of the terminology used. sorry for the confusion of those who don't/didn't understand
  4. at any job once you begin a during a work week they hold the pay until the next pay week. makes total sense
  5. idk but more than likely. for those starting 11.26.18 that is a pay week for the city so more than likely they will hold it
  6. They do a full medical assessment with the doctor. EKG, BP, hearing, vision, urine for protein and sugar etc., if anything pops they will put you on medical hold until your PCP or a specialist clear you. If all goes with medical with out any holds they will review your 21 page booklet and then you will get sworn in, photo taken for ID as well as fingerprinting and appointed to the next available class all the same day.
  7. drug test was 11/5 and sworn in on 11/7. I was called in to start the process in May but deferred until September. I took the P/E 9.4 and did the medical 9/10 in hopes of getting in the september 26 class but got back the sleep study results late. The next class was in November so all I had to do was the drug test again and once I passed I was sworn in on 11/7
  8. Thankfully I passed the sleep study because I wasnt exhibiting any signs or symptoms of sleep apnea. i I was cleared and was sworn in for the nov 26th class
  9. Great idea. Send me the information please
  10. Hello. Regardless to if you have your BP under control and have no history/symptoms of sleep apnea if your BMI is 35 or higher and you are taking meds for high BP they will still put you on hold for a sleep study. its is a safety requirement nothing personal. So the note wont do anything. Speaking from experience
  11. Yes they may send you for a sleep study due to the neck size with pre-hypertension. Are you taking any blood pressure meds? They weigh you and take your height with everything on other than your outdoor layers. You have to find a sleep medicine doctor on your own. If you are willing to spend a 1000 dollars (due to medical insurance not paying) there is a nice place called EOS sleep on e62nd that do it but yes you have to sleep there over night.
  12. Its only if you have high blood pressure AND a BMI of 35 or more. Having a high BMI only they will just measure your neck size to determine if they should send you for a sleep sutdy
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