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  1. Where can i find material to study for this exam? Especially for the “job abilities”(leadership, decisiveness) portion ? Any recommendations would be helpful
  2. Spring creek is still atu 1181 the twu local 100a lost the election
  3. Bus Operator, just asking because I'm a crossover from Mta Bus (Spring Creek ATU-1181) and served two years full time while there, and I originally was told that I’d have to start probation all over but now I'm hearing from other bus operators that theres a new agreement where crossover don’t have to start probation all over we just lose our seniority. No one at the depot can give me and affirmative answer and just yesterday two operators had there probation shortened because of the time served at mta bus
  4. Is there any way to check your 1 year probation Status online?
  5. Tell me about it, this is my 3rd time taking the drug test smh
  6. I went down there last week and still havent got called for medical smh
  7. I went up to dcas on 2/4 to get reinstated but havent heard anything yet. List #13x
  8. I received a letter from Mta today stating that “in over for me to be considered for the next bus Operator class I must report to the Nyc Department of Administration services the week of February 4 to restore my name to the list due the fact that all vacancies have been filled”
  9. Not yet I got skip because im currently employed by mta bus and have to get an evaluation by my general superintendent from my depot. Which I didn’t know till today.
  10. Not sure if this info helps anyone but I was there today and was told they have hired the first 200 for this exam (7612)
  11. My list number is in the mid 1xx I did the pre employment but I havent been called for my medical. Does anyone here know whats going on? Are they calling at random or something?
  12. Does any know what list number are they up to ?
  13. Do you have to pass probation again if you are transferring from MTA Bus (spring creek) ?
  14. What list number are they up to?
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