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  1. No info on that august class, no new info at all actually.
  2. Going to join the stock pile for 2nd p/e today i hope today is quick
  3. 15xx here hoping for medical for the aug class, though i may come close to getting in; i think my chances are slim. I hope for some miraculous reason they get into the 12-13xx range for the july class
  4. Thanks i hope you here something too 💪🏾
  5. Just got my call and email 15xx
  6. To be honest no one can really say your chances but by looking at how many people have been called for medical (10xx so far) you may have a shot its only mid year hopefully there arent any breaks relating to the hiring process. continue to hang in there. I have no answer for the eligibility portion of your question.
  7. I spoke with dcas about that recently they say that transit puts in a request for people and they send over a list. They also say that transit typically holds the list for 30 days. So more than likely after these three classes are filed and transit gets aproved for another lets just say three classes then your name should turn up on that newly requested list at that time. For those of us on the present requested list transit can still call us to fill the current classes even though the present request expired on 06/06/19. Just hang in there and remain positive. 15xx here and its so close but yet so far away lol.
  8. Is there any news coming from school car about classes for the remainder of the year? Or atfinal processing today?
  9. My bad i read that wrong yea they arent up to you yet either disregard previous post
  10. You may want to call ‭(347) 643-8218‬ because they called into the 13xx’s for a second p/e already
  11. Still waiting for second p/e 15xx mids and nothing yet. Last i heard they got into the 13xx’s and possible 14xx’s. If i get one im definitely posting an update. Thanks for the plentiful updates received so far. And congrats again to those in class hope all going well for you folks.

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