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  1. Seasons greetings and happy holidays all. Anybody else call dcas and cannot get any info on last hired? Did anyone get their canvas letter yet? 15xx
  2. Guess i didn't take the over head into account with hiring a new employee. Sounds like the hiring is over then. I hope this is not the case, i hope they have classes scheduled soon or extend the list.
  3. Correct but it will cost more to operate the trains with the current workforce. And they don't want to spend more it seems as if they are going to hire smaller groups to cut costs to fill the desired 800 positions currently.
  4. I just finished reading both articles it doesn’t seem as if it was operational titles. It just seemed like another reiteration of what was stated before when we believed a freeze was occurring some time ago. Could you post the line of the memo that stated that verbatim?
  5. Is there a way you could post that memo or tell us where we can find it if its public information
  6. Hoping for some good news this month.. i hope there is a class starting soon. Still waiting 15xx
  7. Last time i called livingston and they said they are still waiting on more dates nothing yet though i called like two weeks ago so im not sure if anything changed. Im also in the 15xx range. Looks like the cert is closed for now
  8. 15xx here last p/e was june 2019, still nothing yet.
  9. Its been saying that since the October class
  10. Did anyone get contacted for p/e yet i seen it was a very small group on dcas and dcas phone system doesn’t seem to have any movement update yet 15xx here still waiting for my third p/e
  11. Anyone who went for p/e made aware of other class schedules besides 1/06/20
  12. You should call to find out what number they are up to if you want to know if you’re in this round. The class size is only 40 for t/o’s
  13. Only 40 vacancies for this october class 100 called 1295 highest list number requested out of the bunch they started back at 1. Very small class of about 75 including conductors. The ball is rolling for the first quarter so far, i am hopeful that they will continue the momentum for november given that something similar happened back in april right before the end of the twu contract in may. It shows they still need T/O’s during this contract negotiation period. I say all of this to say its a slow process but it’s some progress, keep being patient they will get to us.
  14. Conductor forum states there will be a class on the 28th class size was not mentioned confirmed by Vargas I hope they call a few people from the TO list as well
  15. Nothing yet still waiting on a new approval is what she said to me.
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