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  1. pre employment paper work review and drug test
  2. i wore a polo and slacks and cheap dress shoes when i went
  3. if you dont mind my asking whats your list number?
  4. spoke with ms. vargas earlier, 50 person class for june at this time. names are sitting from what was requested.no other date except for 6/10/19.
  5. http://thechiefleader.com/city_certifications/city-certifications-week-of-may/article_73250808-7100-11e9-b3d5-277fd02d08e1.html
  6. chief leader posted that a new train supervisor class has been approved; im hoping that allows for more classes to be scheduled for the remainder of the year
  7. no one posting that they got any correspondences or calls
  8. its looking like things cooled down
  9. i'd like to know the same thing
  10. congrats, thanks for the good info as well
  11. i had my wife pull it up the info from her mobile phone and she ended up seeing it. i also tried to call livingston to find out info about the certification dates but i didn't a response. if someone is free could anyone try to call dcas to see if they have info on what that means or livingston.
  12. nothing that i can see has changed i guess i just have to wait to see if im contacted
  13. im not seeing anything for anyone on the list other than exam expiration info and vet cred

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