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  1. You should call to find out what number they are up to if you want to know if you’re in this round. The class size is only 40 for t/o’s
  2. Only 40 vacancies for this october class 100 called 1295 highest list number requested out of the bunch they started back at 1. Very small class of about 75 including conductors. The ball is rolling for the first quarter so far, i am hopeful that they will continue the momentum for november given that something similar happened back in april right before the end of the twu contract in may. It shows they still need T/O’s during this contract negotiation period. I say all of this to say its a slow process but it’s some progress, keep being patient they will get to us.
  3. Conductor forum states there will be a class on the 28th class size was not mentioned confirmed by Vargas I hope they call a few people from the TO list as well
  4. Nothing yet still waiting on a new approval is what she said to me.
  5. They didnt get any approvals for the 1st quarter yet august class comletes the 4th quarter and as they said when i went for p/e in june they hire per quarter so there may still be some classes its that no one with a link on the inside has gotten any solid class info from any higher ups whether it be from livingston or schoolcar. They havent skipped a quarter yet and i dont think they would at this moment
  6. Oh that was your personal take on things, they say they call quaterly so they more than likely are going to call for the up and coming quarter after they determine how many people they need. Congratulations on getting in by the way
  7. What gave you that impression of a lack of classes for the remainder of the year?
  8. Any word on classes after August?
  9. No info on that august class, no new info at all actually.
  10. Going to join the stock pile for 2nd p/e today i hope today is quick
  11. 15xx here hoping for medical for the aug class, though i may come close to getting in; i think my chances are slim. I hope for some miraculous reason they get into the 12-13xx range for the july class
  12. Thanks i hope you here something too 💪🏾
  13. Just got my call and email 15xx
  14. To be honest no one can really say your chances but by looking at how many people have been called for medical (10xx so far) you may have a shot its only mid year hopefully there arent any breaks relating to the hiring process. continue to hang in there. I have no answer for the eligibility portion of your question.

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