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  1. I have some experience with tractor trailer trucks, air brakes and manual transmission, hopefully it's of some help for the 10 day training. If I have to go to day 10 I'll be sweating bullets.
  2. I also got the call but missed the part about the money order, she said many things fast. I know she mentioned the usual forms of identification: social security, drivers license or drivers permit and birth certificate. She also asked for record of any criminal convictions (possibly also any arrests, I can't remember exactly what she said). I know they have asked for an $87.00 money order before but I'm not sure if that's the amount they want us to bring on January 2nb.
  3. Third drug test. Maybe my first drug test expired.
  4. It's packed. It's my fourth time here and it's always been full of people.
  5. I'm on 7612 and haven't been called for it, but I'm almost done with the process of 7105. Maybe if we have been called from one list we will not be called from the other.
  6. I got a call this morning. Going in for urine again. Already did two urine tests and physical but it seems like the first urine test expired.
  7. That's exactly why I didn't take her words as fact.
  8. I asked the lady that exact question and all she said was "everything; class and hiring". She was definitely a bit pissed about me being there going by the way she looked at me. It's possible she just wanted to get rid of me with that answer...
  9. I can confirm that today it seemed like no one was doing final processing before training class. All the people that where there where doing the paperwork that I did on my first appointment before the urine sample.
  10. It went like I expected, they said the same thing and there is nothing to be done about it and they also said that human resources does what they are told to do - MTA said no more people for now - no matter my personal circumstances. I'm coming to terms with it and look forward to the future. Hopefuly it doesn't take a year to hear back from them.
  11. Thanks for the encouraging words. I hope that me showing up tomorrow won't piss them off and cause them to retaliate in some way.
  12. I just received this email after getting the call earlier today stating the same thing: "As per our conversation we regret to inform you that there was a reduction in vacancies for the position of OA Bus Operator and as a result, the processing appointment scheduled for Tuesday 10/30/2018 has been canceled. Your name will remain on the list for consideration as more vacancies become available. Thank you." I'm still processing all this in my mind. College semester which I paid for myself and two unpaid days of drug testing all gone up in smoke.
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