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  1. I applied for LIRR third rail and I'm in training now (about 1 month)--would I be shooting myself in the foot going into this? I didn't expect this to happen after waiting so long...not sure what to do. I don't want to be stuck as a helper for 6 years just to make $30/hr.
  2. Hi all, I accepted a job with the LIRR because another position I really wanted took to long to hear back. Now almost a year later, I get a call for a "probable employment" screening for the MTA in NYC job I really wanted. Can I switch jobs if I'm still new at my job with the LIRR (on probation for 1 year)? Will either agencies allow it?
  3. just got an email to come in next week for "probable employment"---what does this mean?? did anyone else get one?
  4. For those asking what was on the SPA test, look at jake3178's answer because it's spot on--they give you pictures and ask you a question about the scenario; seemed like common sense to me and not that specific. Took about 10 mins. I gave concise answers and it moved pretty quickly.
  5. @MaxFever Made the same mistake, it's tomorrow 11/3 Anyone know what we're supposed to wear? Is it a formal interview or we jumping through hoops? lol
  6. Anyone know if points on your license affects if you get hired? Or am I good once I receive the SPA letter?
  7. @tprashad0719 @coolno9 @GerardL Thanks! Still in shock they sent the letter so quickly, I guess there are many vacancies?
  8. I'm new to this forum--just wanted to say hello to everyone who's part of this thread and a big thanks to everyone who's given feedback on this entire process. I got the letter to go in on Sat, 11/2/18, as well. But--after reading the many threads here and for the previous exams for this position, I still cannot understand what the SPA entails other than what's written in the letter. Is it more of an interview? Or a series of tests administered in a group? @jake3178 I read you took the SPA--could you please share more details? Much appreciated.
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