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  1. Do anybody know the pension after u retire for this position
  2. Do anybody know the pension after u retire for this position
  3. Hey I’m with my fourth year with ups so make 40 dollars a hour and time and a half after 8 hours of work I jus receive a letter back from Mta for pre employment is it a good idea for me to leave my job for Mta ?
  4. How much do conductor start at and wat is top pay ?
  5. So is that 29.99 starting or top pay ?
  6. Wats is the starting rate ant top pay for a bus driver and who makes more Mta bus ,mabstoa or transit
  7. Wat is top pay rate for Mta tranist and wat is the starting rate also which one makes the most out of the 3 transit orMta bus or mastoa
  8. Wat do u mean by 2 closed tickets ? Do u work there already I heard from numerous of people that u can’t have over 4 ?
  9. I’m not sure wen they drop off I got them like 3-4 years ago for a speeding violation how can I find out about dropping points
  10. I got 4 points on my driver lincense and 2 open tickets wit dmv would that effect my chance wit this bus operator position ?

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