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  1. yeaaaaa so no point in going, big f up on my part
  2. so I received the employment letter today inviting me to come to 180 Livingston on the 12th, and I'm pretty sure this has been answered but just so I'm 1000% sure... I have 10 points on my license for 2 separate speeding tickets and I do not have my CDL license or permit... there is no way I would get accepted correct?
  3. Damn, well it's probably not worth driving to Brooklyn from New Rochelle everyday anyway. I'm on the hiring list for 7612 also, I guess I should wait for that and then try to explain that the 6 points are my first ever offense. Thanks for all the info!
  4. Thanks for answering, I forgot to mention I have 6 points on my license for speeding back in October... my first ever offense... I paid everything associated with that. I do not have that permit, what would be the fastest way of getting it? Is it really worth doing this part time? Do I pick where I drive? I believe I read that training is at Zerega and that I would get assigned to Spring Creek Depot in Brooklyn? and does it matter that I live in New Rochelle? Thanks!
  5. hey everyone, yesterday I received a call and email stating that I've been recommended for the part time position for exam 9303 and to report to 180 Livingston between Tuesday and Friday next week for pre employment processing. Of course with my luck, I'm out of state next week and won't be able to make it... what happens? Also I'm guessing the first step in pre employment is a drug test? And do I NEED to have a CDL? because I do not have one yet. Thanks for ansering
  6. I mean i was speeding lol there was no way to prove me not guilty. I'm just hoping if i ever get called i can just talk to them and explain it was my 1st ever offense and that i was speeding
  7. I took the BOSS and got my score and list number
  8. Hey everyone. (Sorry if this is a repeat question) So i got the notice that i have been placed on the eligible list. So i am going to start studying to get my CDL. But I'm just wondering how long before someone gets called? Also I just recently got 6 points on my license for speeding. This is my first time getting points taken ever! I have paid that ticket already and I hope this doesn't affect anything. Also is the difference between TA and MaBSTOA is that TA is Brooklyn Queens and Staten Island and MaBSTOA is Bronx and Manhattan? Thanks.
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