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  1. If they skipped you, you should call, or go to 180 Livingston. Let them know your list number, and that you didn’t get a letter to report, for pre employment. Though they have, called people with higher list numbers.
  2. Just received mine too. List # 9x.
  3. Yeah, it was a lot people. I don’t know if you remember, but there was a group of us, that was just there for fingerprints and photo ID. We were doing the final paperwork and getting our report date and appointment letter.
  4. I don’t have to do the training. I report to Zerega, do the paperwork and pick a depot, depending on where there is openings. Then, I report to my depot the next day. I get a week to learn the lines at the depot. Then off on my own.
  5. On 10/26 when I went for final processing. My 11/12 class, is made up of Mabstoa and MTA Bus PT. The 10/29 class was also made up of, Mabstoa and MTA Bus PT. I Know, because they practice in front of Spring Creek depot and I talked to some of them.
  6. There is a 11/12 class. I’m in that class. I have my appointment letter from 180 Livingston. I had to resign from MTA Bus, I was part time. My last day is This Friday, 11/9.
  7. It’s 5 days work week. The hours depend on your pick. On average 4 hours a day. You can sign up for OT everyday, but everything goes off seniority. If you are near the the top of seniority in your class, you have a good chance of getting overtime. Also, you move up quick in seniority, because they offer full time positions in JFK and Far Rockaway depots. As well as, at Spring Creek. To PT workers, you don’t have to be on a list. Between 3 to 12 months you will be full time, if you want it. Some quicker, depending on seniority, and need. There was a few people in my class of PT, that was offered full time once they completed line training, they took it. They was high in seniority and there was a need.
  8. While you do line training, you will be off weekends. Also, Part time workers don’t work on Sunday, once you do start on your own. So, depending on your pick, you could have split days off.
  9. There are 7 runs at Spring Creek. 5 express lines : BM 1 “Mill Basin”, BM 2 “Canarsie, BM 3 “Sheepshead Bay”, BM 5 “Gerrestien Beach, and BM 5 “East New York. 2 local lines: B100 Mill Basin, B 103 Canarsie to Cadman Plaza. Depending on your pick you can either express or, local. This is not a 24 hours depot. All buses are usually back by 2:40 am. Pay is $22.84 for part time workers.
  10. TA has the better pension and benefits
  11. He must be talking about train operator. Bus operators starting pay is $23.84 for TA, Mabstoa and MTA Bus. MTA Bus new contract recently went into effect, so their pay is the same as TA and OA now.
  12. Starting pay is $23.84. Top pay is $34.78 after 5 years.
  13. The pension and benefits are better.
  14. Yes. Mabstoa is a different Department. I had to retire from MTA Bus.
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