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  2. Is it just me, or did the swap stop for a minute.
  3. They so not have a choice but to share equipment because they both share the same terminals, yards, and branches
  4. How when The and share the same yards and the same terminals
  5. The Does not go that way mind you, the does, the R32s were on the one day and ran via the Manhattan Bridge. So the R32s can be on the for a farewell ceremony.
  6. Ever since the slowdown of the Manhattan Bridge, and Trains have been filled with chaos for the past few years since 2016. Now the and are faster to take to Manhattan than the Manhattan Bridge and Montague Street Lines. I had to change my route to school permanently because of the Manhattan Bridge Mashup. More and more passengers who live in South Brooklyn are heavily impacted by this every morning now. To increase service, reprogramming the signals to green even more than they use too on the Manhattan Bridge will increase service on the BMT 4th Avenue, Sea Beach, West End, Broadway and Brighton Lines along with the IND 6th Avenue Line. This will reduce major delays before CBTC comes into place. There is heavy crowding in all of NYC's Subway Trains, so the MTA should replace all of the seats with folding seats to allow more passengers to fit on trains during rush hour, or make the new trains with subway cars without seats at all like Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority's High Capacity Train "Big Red", it has no seats between the Operator, the Conductor and the Back End of the train. This can increase passenger space, and also put homeless folks off of the train more for the winter. Plus service on subway lines like the or 42nd Street huttle.
  7. I thought of this a while back: The would be extended to the Bronx to either Gun Hill Road or Co-Op City on Webster Avenue The would be extended to 125th Street-Broadway to serve passengers in West and Central Harlem so that M60 SBS could reduce its passenger capacity for those who transfer between that and the subway in Manhattan. Trains would be extended to 125th Street-Broadway to provide faster access to Harlem from Brooklyn to reduce service.
  8. I have not been here in a while soooo, I need to get use to it.
  9. Imagine this: Due to a track fire at Fulton Street, the following changes are in affect: Manhattan Bound Trains from Brooklyn are running on the & lines between Nevins Street and 96th Street, then via the Line to 137th Street-City College. The Last Stop on all Brooklyn Bound Trains from the Bronx will be Brooklyn Bridge City Hall on the Line. Trains are running on the Line from Nevins Street to 149th Street-Grand Concourse in both directions. Some & trains are running Local between Chambers Street to 96th Street. There are outraging delays on the and Train Service. As an alternative use all letter trains plus Train service.
  10. The Tracks by Utica are very tricky and the switches on the Lower Laver are not the same as upstairs. And sending the to Flatbush will make folks on the Nostrand Avenue Line complain that they will not have an Express train. The would probably be better to go to Kings Plaza since that is already close enough to switch tracks off to the Utica Acenue Line. Yeah it already has New Lots Avenue, but the goes there more often than the during GOHs, Late Nights, and Rush Hours. If you don't know, the comes from New Lots Avenue and goes there during Rush Hours. The comes from New Lots Avenue at 5:48 AM and 7:17 AM. The does as well. But only during the Mornings, about four to five Trains go to New Lots Avenue. Anyway, since the goes to New Lots a lot, then the can go to New Lots Avenue instead of Kings Plaza
  11. So you are saying to send the to Kings Plaza instead of the
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