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  1. Im at the Medical right now as well. Things are moving way quicker than the Pre-employment/Drug test.
  2. Checked my spam and havent recieved any emails about the next step... I took my Pre employment last Tuesday. Wonder if they will get to me soon.
  3. Did you take the BOSS exam before for this exam or others? Im curious because my list number is in the 3XX as well and I went for Pre employment last Tuesday and havent heard anything yet from them.
  4. Last I heard.. Someone in the #500s was last called for pre employment.
  5. Hey. I was just wondering. Is there someone I can call or anyone here that knows anyone that can help me with the 21 page booklet. They ask about previous jobs and schooling of which I dont have the exact dates... Is it acceptable to put estimated dates or are they particular about them being accurate? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. If you get hired as a bus operator and dont pass the training, does that mean you can never work for the MTA again? Even if it's for a different position such as track worker or Train operator?
  7. Anyone know how long after the initial pre-employment do they call you in for training?
  8. Hey all list #3xx just got called for pre employement.
  9. List # 3xx and no pre employement email yet.
  10. Got my letter a few days ago. List # 3XX. Hopefully the emails start coming soon.
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