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  1. Elmonchi06

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    Yeah, I think so. I don't know why they are doing that taking so many people and then keep them on hold. So, you look better than me because I'm not even do any medical yet and you are almost done. I hope they call you before the medical expire.
  2. Elmonchi06

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    Thank you so much guys for your help. I'll go to livington next week and try to get contact with Ms. Rivera.
  3. Elmonchi06

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    Thank you. I will do that. They kept all my papel works and just gave me a papel with the things that I was missing and it has a phone number at the top of the papel with the number where I have to call them to make an app.
  4. Elmonchi06

    MaBSTOA B/O Exam # 7105

    Gm, I have a Quick question they are hiring again for the exam 7105 cause I was the at MTA last month oct 23 and I have a Class A license and the guy called my name and told me that I had to get a class B permit with P endorsment. I did all that he told me to do and I'd call them every day and I couldn't get a app. Ty


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