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  1. The is 4-6 Minutes. That's typically how frequent it is off-peak.
  2. Multiply 8x8. The answer is above 60.
  3. Oh dear god, you asked this question in another forum! The R One Hundred Seventy-nine cars will be out of service until further notice.
  4. The only 9100s are 9113-9117 on the as of rn
  5. Nice. Peep that I said it would be nice for 8653-8662 to run, but only 58-62 tho
  6. That's too many cars for 2 lines to borrow. As of right now, I don't see any sign of coming back, the and are back supposedly and the R46s are needed at Coney Island, the uses some Concourse Cars, and Jamaica, and Avenue X loaned 10-car sets to the already, while the exchanges R32s for R160s. That's all that needs to be done.
  7. It would be nice if 8653-8662, and 8713-8722 ran on the
  8. Exactly, and the other lines need the T/O's.
  9. The R179s gotta go. If that's the case, the R211s should have 318 extra cars built. This is ridiculous, not even the R46 had such a problem. They were lemons too.
  10. Just to clarify, is the running R160s too? Because the R179s seriously are nuisance to the subway, and we have car shortages. P.S. is 9003 the only Siemens on the ?
  11. No I have not been told before smh
  12. I don't need to "get it" anywhere, read the forum title. Actually, you do, since this thread is to notify of actual subway service changes. - Deucey
  13. I didn't see anything where this involving 53 Street so the and has nothing to do with this scenario.
  14. No.. having the switch at 57th-7th would just create even more delays for the lines... especially if a train is stationary at 57th or 49th
  15. Just to be clear @Calvin 8893-8897 is back at CI?
  16. So the R32 is officially retired? Wow they will be missed. As I'm stuck upstate..
  17. Nope, the R211is definitely getting gangways. They HAVE to.
  18. No, according to the news when the 1:00 hour starts wherever the train is it becomes OOS.
  19. I could make any NTT rollsigns for you. Request them below and it would be posted on this forum!
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