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  1. I passed S&D in November and had my panel interview around two weeks later.
  2. I passed my S&D test, and had my panel interview, and never had a background check done. Unless they did it and didn't mention anything? I'm still waiting to get into phase 1.
  3. Don't hold your breath. I passed the S&D test in November, had the interview shortly after that, and am still waiting to get into phase 1.
  4. I took the S&D test back in November. I got a call about a week later letting me know I passed.
  5. Flash Cards. Be prepared, because the definitions are exponentially harder to memorize. They make the signals look like child's play.
  6. Obviously the career is more important than the vacation. It's just unfortunate you are given absolutely no timetable by the LIRR. It's not easy to put your life on hold for an indeterminate amount of months/years, especially since there's no guarantee you are ever called at all.
  7. I'd like to take a vacation this year but not knowing when I will be called for the Phase 1 test makes me hesitant to book anything. How have others handled this? Is it just best to forego making any plans indefinitely?
  8. Does anyone have any idea when the next Phase 1 class will be?
  9. I passed the S &D test and had my panel interview in November. I read on the last page there is a Phase 1 class scheduled for January now, but I wasn't contacted so I assume that means I wasn't selected. Is that a knock on my qualifications, or is there a list of candidates from past tests that will get invited to a class before me?
  10. How much time should be set aside to memorize the definitions? Is two weeks sufficient? Three weeks?
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