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  1. High 116× or low 116× . Someone in the 116× got their email today for medical, if your number is high 116× you'll get your email tomorrow or definitely next .
  2. Didnt you read the post on top of yours. someone with list number 111× just got email for medical today . You'll be next very soon .
  3. That's exactly why I think they are going to make it close to the 1200s for July class. Cause look 900 - 1043 and they only got 35 people out of that . Theres 25 spots left. Listen you in the 1100s will be in the July class.
  4. Hey how did IT go ? You made IT in to july class ??
  5. Listen while I was there yesterday , I saw the list they were checking names off of . And no lie there wasn't more than like 12 people in it and when I tell you that maybe 5 of those were there for bus operator alone and another 4 were there for another title for medical too . They are not calling more than 4 people a day trust me cause I would have seen more for train op. Plus think about this from the time mr harryb went and then me there were days in between and our list numbers are not that crazy apart . The July class is not nearly half way full . Trust and believe that. And people get put on hold for whatever bs. Yo I was about to be put on hold for missing my social security card 😒 and in the end I didn't need it cause I work here 😑😑😑. The July class will touch the 1200s.
  6. The week we start July 22. Is the first week of the pay week cause I get paid that week. Yes we will get a check 2 weeks later .
  7. What's your list number? I'm thinking that July class might reach into the high 1200s. While I was there today 2 people were put on medical hold . You know that thats the factor in how high they call. How many people they call in . The July class, I dont think it's even half way full yet . I'm sure many slots are open still . It's very early in June still .
  8. That's ms vargas number. And call cause they hired me today for July class and my list number is 101*
  9. O yea I went in today was done with medical at 10:30 am. My hearing was good from my last year annual so I skipped that part . Maybe higher than 1020 , since someone in that range has a medical tomorrow .
  10. 101* I'm official . July 22 here we come
  11. Did you call , it looks like they moving forward after my number . Try to get a explanation Before it's too late. 347-643-8218
  12. 🤷‍♀️ idk . But I'm scheduled for tomorrow.
  13. O I definitely don't know about that . But I guess they can call and check what's going on.
  14. Well not that I'm implying and neither am I asking your personal business , but are you 100 percent sure you would pass the drug test . It could be that or maybe a wrong email address. If you know for sure you are good in the drug test department then by all means pursue it , because that would mean your medical is the same day as me .
  15. You'll get your email by next week for July class too. Your number is right behind me.
  16. Medical email just received list num 101* for the 19th Considered for July 22 class.
  17. Then a general statement should suffice. They dont need to come here and single me out . Who do they think they are . F that. Stay off my sh**
  18. That's the reason I stay away and never shared info cause of stupid things like that . Nothing confidential was said on here that no one hasn't been talking about already . Half the people in transit are related to supervision or are friends and people talk. I'm not sharing people's social or peoples records. It is what it is . Labor relations monitors Facebook Instagram the most to monitor the employees and that's no secret either. Anyways I'm off this. See you guys in the July class
  19. Well clearly its not going to be Sunday but technically the pay week starts Sunday the 21 lol. But ofcourse it's on Monday the 22
  20. Uh huh and what was said that's so bad . What I've posted is not confidential information because everyone heard and posted the same thing including people in training at the moment. I have no idea who the hell you are, which means you have no idea who i am . Have a good afternoon . Why don't you get back to work and not worry about anyone getting prosecuted. Don't worry about me worry about your self.
  21. O that's a definite that they will. They will definitely come into the high 1000s for July
  22. Trust me I understand . Best of luck and the beauty of it is that there are more certain classes . So definitely July
  23. O ok I see . Well someone else will Have the chance to start but yes its so close in time that even I wouldn't want it like that . Very little preparation you know . See you in July then . You are still going to go Wednesday right ? At least to hear and see what's going on.
  24. Just called ms vargas . I was curious to know how far full was the June 10th class and she said theres only 1 vacancy left . So I'm assuming that after acrabal goes Wednesday they'll see their count if everyone passes the medical. Because I asked her how high was the number officially appointed in the class and she said 800s officially appointed that leaves the Wednesday people. And acabral when you get appointed to June we are officially in the 900s... Soooooo harryb where are you , July is ours 😁 I rather July anyways buys me some time to prepare .

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