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  1. Listen do not let the conductor opportunity pass . I’m sorry but I don’t know what kind of advice that was. Listen If you come in as conductor that’s fine , when they reach you for train operator you can leave as well . The only thing is that if you haven’t passed probation as a conductor and you don’t like train operator or can’t pass the training then you won’t have conductor to fall back on in the event you hadn’t passed probation . And besides if you come in as a conductor, they’ll always have promotional to train operator . What ever you decide take whatever comes first don’t let anything pass waiting for another .
  2. Yx is yard extra . You belong to the yards for a couple of weeks . About 4 weeks . You do yard moves , put-ins , lay ups , and transfer light trains , for example from the yard to a terminal . You can also be assigned to the stations doing station switching . Put ins - make up a train for for service light train - train not in customer service Lay up - taking a train from the terminal to the yard no longer in customer service . and stuff like that
  3. Drug tests are good for 90 days . So you can be in the February class or a March class , who knows . They tend to move pretty quickly through numbers because some people are not ready or others get placed on medical hold . I just hope they move through the numbers quickly enough to place me in at least a February class . A supervisor told me the rumor is that they should be holding classes all the way till the summer cause they need about 2000 train operators to hire . The classes get approved as we go so nothing is set on stone but I believe it cause everyday I come to work and you have at least 1 or 2 train operators retiring every other day and stuff like that . And because they called for drug tests numbers as high as 1800s . So they obviously want to use us .
  4. Ofcourse you will when they get to your number . The highest number they called is 757 so for example I’m in the low 1000s. So realistically I might not make the January class but they’ll have more as soon as they get approval .
  5. If your list number is not in the 700s you have a ways to go . Yes those classes are accurate but the highest list number called is 757. I did my drug nov 5 and still nothing but they are not up to my number yet . So sit back and relax
  6. +1 (347) 643-8218 Michelle Vargas . She’ll ask you for your social and will give you a direct answer about your test info .
  7. No it actually is January 28 , I guess in the beginning the date wasn’t certain cause I thought myself it was the 7 as well . well in any case what’s important is that it’s not full and there’s a chances for getting in there .
  8. Just got off the phone with ms Vargas . Last number appointed for the January 7 class is 757 (list number) and she says the class isn’t filled yet . So I’m very hopeful and keep checking for those emails I’m 101* she doesn’t have any word yet on a February class but I know they’ll be one because of the rate they are calling us , so high in list numbers .
  9. And you know what youre right I apologize guys 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I was having a conversation with him and I read what I wanted . Smh . Yea the December class is full not the January class 😑
  10. When you work for transit , getting hired for another title it’s said to be done “at your own time “
  11. No but he was at work today and he didn’t make it to 180 Livingston till like after 10 am . So he’s last just that he obviously should have been there earlier but couldn’t .
  12. He was probably too excited to be focused on my questions to ask 😩😩 it’s aight tho he asked enough lol .... I saw someone on here is going tomorrow for a medical maybe they’ll get other info on another class .
  13. Class closed today with my friend 73* that’s what he was told while signing for the job .
  14. So let me give you guys the heads up , my friend was there today list number 73* and he was the last person appointed to the January 7 class because December was full . I told him to ask for me and he gave my list number 101* and the person that does the hiring themselves says I have a ways to go . I’m just going to chill out now and just forget about it and go with the flow . I make 3 years on Friday as a conductor so im going to let this process be . I’m over it 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
  15. Ofcourse not . You have transit employees living in Pennsylvania and many other places besides nyc
  16. In order * and I have lots of hope for me ...
  17. The January class should definitely be with numbers raging from 800 to 900. Why because I have to friends both in the December class . One with 530 ish and the other 730 ish . Transit doesn’t call in other and plus many people won’t be ready either . So I have
  18. Anyone in the range of 800s or 900s doing medical . I would love to think I have hope for the January class . List num 1010.....
  19. Anyone have any idea how far in the 700s they are at for dec class.

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