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  1. Yea that’s correct. They all got drafted to the A.
  2. Schoolcar is cool. It’s a lot of work at first but it starts to click after a while. The instructors for my class are great, they don’t make it easy but they definitely have us well prepared. Also FYI I heard there will be a class late October for all of you who’ve been antsy and wondering.
  3. Yeah I tried to look into the signals and things, while I understood some I couldn’t understand much. It was like reading another language bcuz I don’t know what any of this means. I just decided not to stress bcuz I know once I get into training I’ll be just fine once it’s being explained to me and not me trying to teach myself on something I know nothing of. Thanks for all of you guys feedback, so excited to get started in 2 weeks.
  4. Just to go back to the gray shirt and blue pants we’re suppose to wear until we get our uniforms. I’m looking to get precise details (does the color of the gray matter) and do we have to wear our boots right away even before we hit the yard? Thanks
  5. Might be lmaooo. Telling someone to get a white shirt when we’re instructed to wear grey lol. Tryna set someone up for failure. Word of advice I’ve heard from transit vets, Make sure you dot your “I”s and cross your “T”s always, ESPECIALLY this first year. Just do as your instructed and that’s all. Nothing else, it’s not rocket science unless you make it. This goes for everyone not singling you out @nipaaaa
  6. Do we have to wear the boots right away to the classes along with the gray shirt and blue pants even before we get on the yard?
  7. Are we suppose to wear the boots on the first day to orientation?
  8. Sworn in today for Aug 19th. Super exciting
  9. Received my medical email this morning. Have to report this Monday, being considered for August 19th class. List #109x
  10. Not sure who he spoke to but yeah something isn’t right.
  11. Not sure what’s really going on but a friend of mine stated he just called Livingston and they stated they were only up to list number 1069 for medicals and he’s 107x and still haven’t received anything. Weird to see some folks in the 108x’s receive a email for medical and supposedly up to 1092 as per Ms Vargas just this morning and he’s before them and still yet to receive anything.
  12. Nice congrats. I’m waiting but should be right behind you. 109x
  13. This Thursday, 7/11? List number range?
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