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  1. Same boat, thank you, much appreciated!
  2. Nope I haven't, was just wondering if anyone did, it seemed to me that they make you redo P/E every 3 months till medical but i suppose thats not necessarily true .
  3. Hey Y'all, anyone 1400 or above get notified to do their 2nd P/E yet? If yes was it email, mail, or phone call? TIA
  4. i got my PE letter yesterday to report Nov 27, list #142x.
  5. Hey everyone, I saw that someone in the 1500s posted about receiving a P/E letter, I'm in the 1400s and didn't receive one. Do you know any possible reasons for this? I called Mrs. Vargas and left a message today but, she didn't get back to me yet. Would appreciate any insight and advice on what I should do. Thank you in advance.

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